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to develop results. And I’ll show you how to put a “safety net” in place because you don’t want injuries to slow you down. Does it take more conscious effort to have the body and the life you want after age 40? Yes. Is it impossible? No.

Accomplish a Goal & Live a Dream

People who have a dream or a goal can accomplish amazing things. They win Olympic medals. They overcome injuries and birth defects. They leave behind poverty and abuse. They overcome every obstacle because they never take their eyes from the dream. Martin Luther King wasn’t the only one who had a dream. People who are fueled by their dreams and their goals are all around you. The neighbors who moved here from

through all the long years of school it took to earn her degree. I remem- ber what happened to me one day when I had to run for my life from an abusive partner and leave all I owned behind. With two kids and just the shirts on our backs, I had to pull energy out of nowhere to begin a new life. It was really hard, but I had dreams. I had goals and I had to make sure they played out. By any means necessary, I had to take control. Even as I speak to you right now, I get a little emotional because I realize that I am living the most satisfying time of my life, due to that one decision I made to Take Back My Life.

ms and goals can while you Take Back ng as you never take es off the prize.”

another country to make a brand new life had a dream that let them leave behind everything familiar and start over. The teacher at your child’s school had a dream to encourage children to invent the future. The doctor you saw for your check-up had a dream that sustained her

Dreams are all around us. Sometimes, it seems as if they’re far away. Don’t let that get you down. Your dreams and goals can sustain you while you Take Back Your Life so long as you never take your eyes off the prize. This doesn’t mean you need to have a dream to change the world. Maybe your dream is to look good naked. Mine was! (Yes, really!) Maybe your dream is to climb stairs without huffing and puffing. Maybe your dream is to be able to go on a hike with your teenage son without needing to stop every ten

minutes. Keep that image in front of you. Never let go of it. Imagine how it will feel when you get there. Make it as real as possible. Then do it!

A word of caution here. Make sure that the dream is your dream, and not someone else’s. Motivation works 53

best (and lasts longest) when you are making the changes for yourself and not to please someone else. That doesn’t mean others won’t be happy for you. But you have to want to change you for you. Got that? If your significant other thinks you should lose ten pounds, that’s not good enough unless you are actu- ally unhappy with your own weight because of how it makes you feel about you. If your mom thinks you should lose weight, or someone in the car pool makes you feel fat by comparison or you think your boss would give you a promotion if you looked better, that isn’t enough. It takes too much energy to make lifestyle changes and stick to them if your heart isn’t in it. You have to want it for you. It really is all about you.

“If life is worth living, it’s worth taking risks.” – Wendy Ida

Wendy Ida (ee’da) is a 59 year-old exercise dynamo, 5-time award win- ning Fitness Pro, top Los Angeles fitness trainer and former Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach for the LA Avengers football team, Wendy is a Magazine Advice Col- umnist and Director of the Obesity Prevention Initiative (OPI) Program as well as a frequent guest on TV and talk radio. Get your free report “10 Crucial Steps to Looking Better Naked” at

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