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dynamics change. I’ll never forget when I first started practicing this belief. I was fighting with my stepson A.J. We had struggled for many years with me constantly feeling as if he was “the problem.” Then one day, I decided to see A.J. as a gift. I can’t remember what we were fighting about, but instead of bat- tling it out, I stepped away. I remember running to his room after doing some introspection. I was so excited! I stood there looking up at him with my hand on his shoulders and said, “OH, MY GOSH, A.J.! I can’t believe it! You are the great- est gift to me! You are an earth angel! This is what I’ve learned about myself from our fight today.” And then went on to explain what he had been mirroring to me. You can only imagine the shock on A.J.’s face! He was stunned! I’m sure he had been expecting me to come back to him with some form of punishment. But I didn’t. Instead, I celebrated him for being an earth angel, helping me heal.

gave myself permission to share my voice, even saying to the little girl within me that it is okay to stand up for myself and have a difference of opinion.

Now here’s the really cool thing: once I made a decision to sit in gratitude and then looked within to see what my kids were mirroring to me about fighting, and then gave myself permission to fight if needed, the battles between my girls ended. The brawls just up and went away! I’m not kidding! Sitting in grati- tude put not only myself, but my kids as well, into a space of healing. Because I shifted and found who I am, I no longer needed my kids to be a mirror to this false belief. I stepped out of the middle. The struggle ended. And my kids learned how to communicate their feelings. Woo hoo!

When you sit in gratitude for ALL of your difficult situations, your family

Gratitude has healed so many difficult situations in my home that I can’t even begin to tell you all of them here. What I can do, however, is share that when you sit in gratitude for the things that are happening around you, and see the gift in them, your attitude changes about everyone. You begin to see that your kids, your spouse, and every person you come into contact with is an earth angel, helping you learn about yourself.

When you have an attitude of gratitude, the walls that had been built between you and your loved ones come down. By sharing your heart and what you’re learn- ing about yourself through your relation- ships with them, you build intimacy with one another. A sense of forgiveness and compassion permeate the home. Greater communication becomes the norm.

Seeing all of my relationships as gifts has taken me to my heart. I’ve never felt so alive as I do now. By letting go of the false beliefs that ruled my mind, I have healed. And I have my family to thank for this. But the greatest gift of all has been my children. By sitting in gratitude for my kids, I am a happier, more joyful and playful mom. 67

Thoughts for Your Journey

1.What relationship are you struggling with the most.

2. Take a moment and sit in gratitude for this person.

3. What false belief is this

relationship mirroring to you? 4. What is YOUR truth?

5. What would your life be like if you let this belief go?

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