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self belief From dyslexia to empowerment

I left school at a time before dyslexia was spoken about and subsequently spent much of my life living well below what I intuitively knew I was capable of. I remember feeling very lost and never really feeling a part of anything. The embarrassment and self-consciousness within me was crippling. It was another seven years or so before I heard the word ‘dyslexia’ for the first time. I remember asking my mother whether she thought I was affected by it, but like many parents she fobbed me off – nobody was going to have issues in her family. Time comes and goes and without

direction we fall into a way of being and let life happen to us. I had a long string of poorly paid jobs with no prospects and life simply moved along without any real control. The big change started in 2001 and,

as I walked away from one hell into another, it was clear that something was beginning to occur – a series of ‘by chance or design’ meetings were starting to shape my future. I found out for sure that I was dyslexic in 2006. I was also diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) and my short term working memory was at times an instant. I was pleased, I knew it was not the real me! I decided that not only did I not want dyslexia, I was going to work towards getting rid of it for good! I had decided to start my life again from scratch and this time not only was I going to get it right, but I was going to be a success.

intuitive, and excel at three-dimensional problem solving and hands-on learning. But without support, understanding and good people around you it can be very disabling. It can be the destroyer of talent and ability and I believe that anyone can achieve anything given the right nurturing. There is no doubt in my mind that a positive attitude of mind towards yourself, the world and all the people on it can change your life beyond recognition. At the beginning of my new dawn

back in 2001 a psychic lady of great wisdom and knowing came to me and said: “Keith, you are an idealist, you want a perfect world and you want everyone to be happy.” “What is wrong with that?” I said.

I literally went back to square one

and changed everything that was not working and little by little things started to improve. With that my confidence jumped into overdrive. Everything changed, I de-cluttered my life and more importantly my mind. Now, this is a life story that has

been packed into a small space, a time of weird and interesting events and, of course, it is ongoing. The journey is an exciting one, because now I know where I am going and I know I will get there. Until I listened to Earl Nightingale’s,

The Strangest Secret I had never thought about a goal in life, and life quickly turns around once you have one. From the

tough years it became clear that all of my past was leading to this. Without my story, this future would be impossible. Now I’m successfully involved in helping to change other people’s futures for the better. There is no qualification like life experience! What has life taught me? Never

give up, believe in yourself and listen to you heart. Communication, cooperation and connection are the vital elements I lacked. I was stillborn and have escaped death a number of times without a scratch, and no one is going to tell me that all of this is for nothing! Dyslexia can be seen as a gift. Dyslexic people are highly creative,

“Nothing!” she replied. “Just keep doing what you are doing, you are going to do good!” I have never stopped believing that!

Keith Ecott

Keith works within Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire and Buckinghamshire as an Empowerment and Life Transformation Coach. Longer distance consultations can be arranged by Skype. The first introductory session is free. Email: Keith is also an author, photographer and publisher of photographic affirmations.

FACEBOOK: Keith-Ecott-Empowerment

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