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the power of positivity Developing a positive attitude

During my life, I have found that a positive attitude, along with the help I get from several complementary therapies, has been vital in fighting disease processes and with regard to my personal fight with serious illness, I hope that my story may help others in a similar position with their on-going actions and decisions. Perhaps there are some clues within my family history that have given me the strength of character to get me through the tough times of living with a progressive, incurable illness. My grandfather was what was affectionately called a ‘Tail End Charley’, flying as a rear gunner in biplanes during the 1920s. After initial training at RAF Halton, he was posted first to Mesopotamia and later decorated for bravery after the siege of Malta. My father, when only 16, flew in two complete tours of duty as a rear gunner in Lancaster Bombers, flying over Germany during the Second World War – a rare display of bravery. My mother was also in the London fire service during the Blitz. I believe that I have hopefully inherited that spirit of fight and tenacity that has seen me through some tough times. I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis at the

age of 25, with all that this meant for a newly- married man with ambition. I fought several major attacks that affected my sight, my walking and balance and, worst for me, my right arm. As an artist and designer, this meant that I needed to successfully train to use my left hand to enable me to continue working. I also read everything that I could find about limiting damage with a healthy diet and lifestyle that might help to control my condition. Whilst living in Birmingham, I was fortunate to join a special group of MS sufferers who looked at

Therefore, I believe that maintaining a proactive

and positive attitude to life works well and I do my best to instil this in others. For over five years now, I have run a successful physiotherapy and self-help group in Chesham. Here, we offer practical assistance for all MS sufferers, when needed. I cannot say that a positive outlook can always be maintained – we are all human and fallible after all. When things get really difficult I enjoy watching comedies; laughter is often the best antidote!

Barry Taylor

treatments using diet and complementary therapies, finding help with dietary exclusion therapy, herbal supplements, homeopathy, magnet therapy, acupuncture, massage and reflexology. In more recent times, I have gained a lot of

personal satisfaction from organising photographic art exhibitions and offering my printed and framed images for sale. I also spend much time on geology articles and contributions for an international magazine. I love to teach small groups of children about rocks, fossils, minerals and related scientific subjects. I am currently setting up a geology museum.

Barry Taylor’s fascination with photography and geology have been combined in his 24-page fully illustrated booklet ‘Visions in Stone’. It’s available at £3.95. To contact Barry about

any of his work, please write to 121 Vale Road, Chesham, Bucks HP5 3HP, or telephone 01494 794470, or email:


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