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Your health as a life investment

A good retirement relies on more than money

There are a wide range of factors which influence expectations for our retirement years. For those who have done physically demanding jobs, the chance to do less arduous things will be a reward for all the physical effort. Others may have put in long hours at the office in order to create pensions or nest eggs that will provide funds for travel, or a lifestyle that justifies the long working hours. However we’ve been influenced, most of us have the hope that retirement will be enjoyable and rewarding.

living would not be an issue, wherever they lived. Whatever the financial background, the expat community all share a desire for retirement to be the positive and rewarding experience which they feel they deserve. Living in Spain has also given me a unique insight into the issues and challenges of retirement. Successfully managing the financial side is only a part of balancing the situation. With more time and greater opportunity for leisure activities and sports it becomes apparent how important it is to invest in your own health and well-being; to take responsibility for your body, your diet and general fitness in order to take advantage of those opportunities. The number of people who carry muscular and joint problems, often for months and even years, constantly surprises me. One of the most significant

Having lived and worked among

the expatriate community in Spain for the last twelve years, I’ve seen that it can be an empowering time of life, providing more opportunities for leisure and social activity than ever before. It’s common for people to be walking, swimming and dancing on a regular basis. Many take up sports activities for the first time, such as padel tennis, bowls and cycling. The Spanish in particular regard it as a period in life in which to be jubilant and actually refer to retired people as Jubilados. I discovered that it is not a

circumstance necessarily exclusive to the wealthy. One of the most striking things is the mix of backgrounds which people come from. Some couples live on relatively low pension incomes and are able to take advantage of the lower cost of living. Meanwhile, their neighbours might be a couple who are significantly more affluent and for whom the cost of

compromises to enjoying retirement is a failure to invest in your own well- being. I’ve seen people have their long- awaited retirement plan spoiled or curtailed by health and mobility issues which could have been avoided. As a therapist, I consider it my mission to encourage people to maintain themselves physically using the benefits of therapeutic massage, to sustain their mobility and help towards the prizes of retirement.

Terry Dean Terry Dean

Massage Therapist (ITEC Dip) Hons. 07769 790 690

Terry Dean qualified as a Massage Therapist at the Cotswold Academy. He is based in Weston Turville. With a background in the performing arts, he also has his own theatre company.

22 Based at Weston Turville nr. Wendover/Aylesbury

Massage can help many conditions. If you need help with any of the following:

• Muscle spasm & lower back stiffness • Joint pain or inflammation • Post injury/operation recovery and healing support

• Effective pain management eg. fybromyalgia

• Sleep problems using total relaxation massage

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