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JAMES RAND copy-editor & proofreader

Mobile: 07568 350787 Email:

Accurate and professional copy-editing to deadlines Marking up of proofs with British Standard symbols

Available for projects large and small, digital or on paper Freelance or occasional in-house Based in Amersham, Bucks

Associate of the Society for Editors and Proofreaders Drawing & Painting Workshops


by Jay Nolan-Latchford

My work is a collection of drawings, illustrations and canvases, each telling a story. From fighting magpies to fairies in boots, my art is inspired by music, lyrics, poems of childhood memories, books and tales. Each finished piece is based on pencil studies from photographs or life drawings. The landscapes and woodland of my native and beloved Buckinghamshire often feature, as do friends, family and pets, often becoming the basis for angels or mystical creatures. I enjoy exploring how mediums mix and spend

hours experimenting with combinations of graphite, colour pencils, watercolours, inks and acrylics. In the winter I work in a bright loft studio, surrounded by jars of buttons, boxes of feathers, orchids and shelves of kitsch collectables. In the summer, as soon as the weather permits, I work in my small but magical garden. I did a local three year foundation and illustration

diploma, followed by a design degree in Brighton. After many years of working as a freelance designer, I decided to return to my first-love of art and illustration. Now I balance this with teaching drawing and painting to adults. I use the name Johnny Johnstone for my work, in memory of my grandfather who like myself was an avid collector of intriguing things, a lover of rare orchids and a huge influence in my formative years. Hope was a piece that I submitted for the

Poetry in Artexhibition at the Obsidian Gallery, near Stoke Mandeville. I love the poem by Emily Dickinson and the imagery came to me almost immediately. I worked on sketches of the tree, bird and girl separately before putting them together with the sea dress and wording. The girl is based on my daughter, Jessye. This piece uses Derwent coloured water-soluble pencils and Derwent graphite pencils.

Jay’s Facebook Group: Johnny Johnstone Email: Mobile: 07891 986817


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