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If you’re in your 50s, you may be lacking in confidence – in your work or personal relationships – perhaps after redundancy or going through a divorce or the loss of a loved one. Many people in their 50s feel

isolated after difficult life changes and need professional guidance to get back on track. They may be financially stable, but have no partner to share their life with, or they may be stuck in a dead-end job without hope of finding something more fulfilling.

Weekend workshops in October and November We can’t turn back time, but at The Confidence Centre we can teach people the skills to have a more happy and fulfilled life. We are holding two individual weekend workshops at The Bellhouse Hotel in Beaconsfield. The first course is from 31st October to 2nd November and the next one takes place from 21st to 23rd November 2014.

These 3-day training workshops,

delivered by inspirational speaker Bobbi Johal, are based on the world- acclaimed STEPS programme and are designed to give substantial help to people in their 50s as they: ∫ build self-esteem ∫ challenge outdated self-beliefs ∫ gain practical tools for coping with challenging situations

∫ learn resilience ∫ learn skills to make a good impression when it counts.

The workshops include a 12 month follow-up programme towards success. For information or bookings, contact: Rodney Mallinson on 0796 882 0297

71–79 Waterside, Chesham, Bucks HP5 1PE 01494 791288

Take charge of your own health

Our specialised practitioners create the complete wellbeing experience within the beautiful environment of the Bagnall Centre and can help you:

Don’t be old – be bold! UK book launch

The Smart Patient Journey Road Map by Kathryn Alexander

Most patients want to get better, improve their health and become less drug-dependent. The core problem they face is how to make informed decisions on the best way forward, how to acquire sufficient and meaningful information to make those decisions, and from all the information that is available, how to determine what has value and whether it will work. This new book could be one of the

most important medical books of the 21st century to date. It draws from Kathryn’s 30 years of clinical experience helping patients achieve the best health outcome, and for the first time it brings the patient into an informed relationship with medical practitioners, allowing individuals to manage the journey from illness to health.

It will show you how to: ∫ filter through your treatment options and choose those that will


increase your odds of getting you to where you want to be

∫ choose your own criteria for where you wish to get to and how you wish to get there

∫ match the claims of others and their treatments against where you want to go, choosing those that will take you the furthest

∫ collaborate with health professionals, asking key questions orientated around your goals

∫ monitor your progress and measure improvements that align with your destination end point.

Available in the UK from the Bagnall Centre, tel 01494 791288.

• improve fitness, skin tone and posture • improve skin conditions

• learn to be in tune with your body • regain confidence and positivity • address your fears and phobias • learn about nutrition • manage pain

• control weight and gain energy • reduce stress and anxiety • improve immunity • improve sleep • improve fertility

positive health

exercise cookery

relaxation workshops


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