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When each of us is born, I believe we come from pure love. We respond to love throughout our lives and we return, one day, to love. However, we carry the experiences of our ancestors in our genetic make-up and absorb the negative projections of those we share the world with. On earth, we have to experience duality. The opposite of love is fear.

Fear creates everything that isn’t love; insecurity, abuse, war and hatred. This is also how we can create our own personal hell. One way to create heaven

on earth is through relationship; with ourselves, with others and with our environment – by connecting through mind, heart, body and spirit. Unless we learn to love

ourselves first, our interactions can lead us into suffering, especially if we are living in our own shadow of hurt and fear, or projecting our own shadow of anger and aggression. Loving ourselves is easier said

than done. The cycle of karma teaches us that in life, the more we serve, share, cooperate and give, with good intentions and without the distortions of our ego, the more positive results we tend to receive and the greater our peace of mind.

Peter Hawkes

I loved art at school, but put my brushes down at age 18. This is the message that arose when I picked them up again after almost 30 years! ‘Everything in life is made of energy. By understanding universal laws we can attract positive connections. We need to be grounded in reality, centred within ourselves and aligned with a higher purpose. All of this can be a lifetime’s work, but it helps us heal ourselves and those around us’.

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