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cycling Electrifying cycles

An electric bike is like strapping a fit athlete to your pedals. Suddenly, cycling becomes much easier. Nothing is faster, cheaper and as ridiculously good fun as riding an electric bike across town! It is the perfect solution for people who are looking to rediscover cycling as a leisure pursuit and as a means of transport. Of course, they’re not supposed to

replace conventional bicycles (unless they’re for people who are older or physically can’t cycle without assistance anymore), but since everyone doesn’t want to ride around at top speed and in lycra, this isn’t a problem! Electric bikes are great for encouraging cycling. Electric bikes are really popular in

Keep on pedalling

Owning and riding a bike is a form of positive thinking. Cycling is one of the few activities that truly makes sense in this sometimes complex world, and can change your mental state for the better. On some mornings, my body can

be very tense, especially if a deadline is looming. I get on my bike, my foot touches the pedals and begins turning

them, my body relaxes and the knot of anxiety loosens. Sometimes feelings of loneliness can creep up on even the most positive of us. A quick hop on the bike into the outside world can be transformational; within five minutes of my house I am on the riverside path. Nature draws me out and makes me feel connected; the cheeky twitch of a squirrel in a tree, the cool air flowing over my skin and the crunch of crispy leaves beneath the wheels. ‘Nice bike,’ comments a swift

cyclist as he overtakes, flashing a friendly smile. ‘You’re welcome,’ I say to myself in my head, sometimes even in my desires.

29 We so often forget that we are

each unique souls, whole and perfect in ourselves, just as we are. Cycling brings us back to ourselves and to our uniqueness and sense of individual purpose. And let’s not forget joy; the sheer pleasure of moving ourselves through the passing landscape, the sensual pleasures of sights, sounds and smells that surround our cycling selves and the flash of connection in the eyes and smiles of strangers as we travel. So, if you don’t already, give

cycling a try; warning – it might change your life forever!

Sheridan Piggott Sheridan works for Sustrans, the sustainable transport charity.

countries where cycling culture is strong. Since the end of 2010, there are about double the number of electric bikes in China alone as there are iPhones worldwide, and in Holland about one in eight bicycles are electric. The exciting news is that this trend is

hitting the UK like a storm. Dozens of dealers are sprouting up across the country selling highly engineered, reliable electric bikes with excellent backup and support networks. And thanks to the soaring costs of fuel and travel, the economics of an electric bike make even more sense than ever. They normally pay for themselves well within a year.

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