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The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe – 22-25 Jan 2015 Based on the classic C S Lewis novel, this timeless tale has enthralled readers for many years. Now it has been adapted for stage by Adrian Mitchell with a beautiful score by Shaun Davey at the Elgiva Theatre. Come join Chesham Bois Catholic Players as they enter the magical world of Narnia. 01494 582900

The image on the front cover is an original collagraph called ‘Ancient Kingdom’. This was inspired by a visit to Myanmar in 2012, a place I had always longed to visit, as it was the birthplace of my mother and grandmother. They came to England in the 1930s and had never revisited due to the situation there. Recently, when Aung San Suu Kyi said she wanted people to start seeing Myanmar again, this was the green light I had been waiting for. It was profoundly moving visiting a country so steeped in Buddhism and though there remain many difficulties there, the overall atmosphere was of peace and tranquillity. I thought collagraph would be a suitable medium to capture the unique light and space of this landscape in

Bagan, an ancient site in Myanmar. The style of making up the plate with layers echoes the multi dimensional landscape with thousands of ancient pagodas dotted amongst the trees and scrub. I have been making and printing

these collagraphs at Bodenpress, where I have enjoyed participating in courses, studio days and exhibitions.

Linda Brown

This is the third image in a series inspired by my journey in Burma. More of my work can be seen at In addition to developing my artwork, I also practice as a Jungian Analyst in St Albans.

A change of creative direction

Losing my hearing, in a life dedicated to music, was like losing

a loved one and there was a palpable feeling of grief. It was like looking down a dark tunnel and seeing no light. I had studied at the Royal College of

Music and gone on to carve out a varied career as a trumpet player. For many years I was part of a highly successful musical comedy act, performing in theatre and cabaret clubs and often recording for television and radio. In a return to classical music,

I began to teach brass instruments. A lot of my playing was with touring ballet and opera companies, the RSC, the National Theatre and West End shows, but also with small brass groups, where I would compose and arrange the music. In the mid-1990s I was struck with

Meniere's disease in one ear. It is a condition starting with severe giddy attacks which leads to hearing damage, pitch distortion and a loss of balance. This limited the work I could do and the noise I could tolerate. Besides trumpet playing, I started

to play the Cornetto, a more gentle wind instrument of the renaissance. Also, I studied and edited previously

unpublished music from the early 17th century, some editions of which were subsequently published. In 2008 Meniere's disease struck

my other ear and that ended my playing career. I continued teaching, but as my condition progressed, even that became impossible. It became difficult to compose, as my head was filled with a multitude of tinnitus related sounds. I had to face the problem of earning a living whilst remaining creative and I was certainly not ready to retire! I recalled an old friend who was a lutenist, guitar teacher and also a wonderful woodturner. This memory inspired me and then I had the good fortune of meeting Tom Biddulph of Amersham. He encouraged me and taught me how to turn wood and how best to process it. The timbers I now use are mainly

British hardwoods, sourced as much as possible from the local counties. There

Spalted beech bowl in progress

are three things I strive for with my woodturning: a beautiful shape, a lovely and interesting grain and a good finish. I am beginning to produce bespoke

wooden music stands, instrumental stands and furniture, all using high quality woods. Following several woodturning commissions, and having displayed my work at several venues, I’m now looking for retail outlets and

galleries in Chiltern towns or villages, who would like to work with me.

Ken Bache

For commissions in wood, or to stock Ken Bache’s work, text him on 07712 833835 or email:

Spalted holm oak



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