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Welcome back

This fourth issue of Designs for LIFE is focused on positive thinking – especially the transition from a place of victimhood to one of empowerment. Several of our contributors have battled with major illnesses and setbacks. By harnessing their creative talents they’ve forged a new direction in life, bringing renewed confidence and self esteem. The purpose of the magazine is to throw light on the elements of holistic wellbeing: a healthy environment, plenty of exercise, diverse therapies for mind, body & spirit, good nutrition, and artistic self expression. In this first year of publication we’ve met some wonderful people who are working towards these goals, and have experienced much mutual encouragement. I hope you’ll join us in the next issue.

Peter Hawkes Our area of coverage for issue 4

We distribute to art galleries, garden centres, gyms, therapy centres, bookshops, cafés, salons, surgeries, art and gift shops, libraries and diverse community venues, all across the Chilterns.

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One of our founders, Amy Deane, has now moved to the south of France and we are hoping to hear about her creative endeavours in future issues. Our associate Rob Bentley has moved to Australia and is working hard to create a Designs for LIFE magazine for Brisbane. If anyone has any contacts there, please let us know! In the meantime, we’ll continue to distribute to all towns and villages in the mid-Chilterns. If you’d like a bundle of free magazines delivered to your venue, please contact us. Please call 01494 793000 to subscribe at £10 a year for 4 issues, to cover postage and packing.

Creative founders 2013: Amy Deane, Kirsty Wright, Mark Cowie, Peter Hawkes 2

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