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Come find peace in our garden

The story of Lindengate started just over two years ago when I was sitting on the stairs at a party, glass of wine in hand, telling a good friend about a dream I had. My dream was to have a beautiful

wild garden where unhappy people could come to mend. Like many of us my life has presented me with some painfully challenging elements and my places of solace where my hope has always been rekindled and restored have always been in gardens. Recently as a professional gardener with my own business, I have been able to underpin my strong belief that the outdoor life provides a constant flow of opportunities to top up on the feel good factor.

‘Our dreams’ Our dreams of creating a garden

for people dealing with mental health issues were so well matched that we immediately set to work to achieve our goal. With the help of many committed and highly professional volunteers and a great deal of hard work Lindengate is due to open this Autumn. Lindengate’s aim is to help people

improve their mental health by providing gardening activities in a tranquil and rural setting. We offer a welcoming community environment where people can regain their mental strength and start to flourish. We have a 5 acre site just outside Wendover and if you or anyone you know would like to find out more about us then please contact us via any of the details below.

Charlie Powell

‘An invaluable volunteer’ Luckily for Lindengate, Sian Chattle,

my friend on the stairs was looking for just such a challenge based on a very similar dream. As a teacher of over 20 years and undoubted excellence she has seen first-hand that most young people leaving school with mental issues have to face a yawning gap. The lack or empathetic provision leads to so many being left unsupported, misunderstood, isolated and subsequently unable to exist happily within a community. Her passion for developing eco practices in the school environment has provided her with many situations where children that struggle to engage with the classroom have blossomed in the outdoors.

Facebook: lindengategardening Twitter: @lindengate Telephone: 020 8144 4291 Email:

Room to grow

Having successfully completed over 1,000 garden design projects in London and the Home Counties, for both residential and corporate clients, I’ve a good understanding of the benefits of careful planning at the start of any creative venture. With an eye to the future, gardens are designed so that they will thrive and develop over the years to come.

quite a few famous names! As a chartered designer, I feel privileged to have received awards at the Hampton Court Flower Show for my LBC show garden, a BALI principal award for a large corporate garden, and Best Show Garden at the Bucks County Show.

Construction Once the design scheme has been completed, I can provide a full project management service to oversee the work and ensure the highest standard through to completion. I work with a selection of quality landscape contractors, including members of the British Association of Landscape Industries (BALI).

Design inspiration Pictured above are fruits, vegetables and flowers growing in a formal setting, sometimes known as a ’potager’. This type of kitchen garden serves as the central theme of an ornamental, all-season landscape, rather than being hidden away from the rest of the plot. A well-designed potager can provide food, as well as cut flowers and herbs for the home with very little maintenance. At all the stages of the planning

process, from initial consulation to final presentation, I’m always keen to discuss each aspect of the design with you to ensure that my ideas reflect your requirements. Constructive interaction enables me to provide you with the right design for your vision. With my base in the Chilterns, it’s

‘The wilderness that was’ 27

little surprise that my garden designs have featured on ITV1's Midsomer Murders and I’ve also worked with

gardens and nature

My services will take you from conceptual design, through to planting plans and liaison with contractors, facilitating the smooth transformation of your garden at every stage.

Mark Cowie

For further information, please contact Mark Cowie on 01494 772735 or email:

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