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Directory of healthy living in the Chilterns


Natasha Newlands Independent Herbalife Distributor Nutrition for a better life The Green Room wellness centre Room 19D, Chiltern Court, Chesham HP5 2PX 07810 470149

Celine Anderson ITEC Complementary Massage Therapist & Reiki Practitioner 07754 053880

Chiltern Natural Therapies Deep Tissue Remedial Massage and Herbal Medicine Nazma Khan, Chesham Open Air Pool, Moor Road, Chesham HP5 1SE 07847 485805

Jade Eggs UK

Laceys Yard Centre for Wellbeing 01494 771324

Nicola Macey Weleda Wellbeing Advisor 100% certified organic beauty products and homeopathic medicines. One-to-one personal advice on products 01442 873010 / 07736 680484

The Healing Point – Holistic Chinese Medicine for Health & Beauty 109b High Street, Chesham HP5 1DE 01494 792143 herbs / acupuncture / massage


Amanda Bate Registered Homeopath Homeopath & CEASE Therapist 122 Tibbs Hill Road, Abbots Langley WD5 0LL 07523 119436 Quote: Designs for LIFE for 10% off first appointment

Caroline Masters – Homeopath Bagnall Centre, 71-79 Waterside, Chesham HP5 1PE 07961 407142


Chesham Osteopathic Clinic 2 Mill Close, Chesham HP5 1QL 01494 793747


Heart and Sole Kayleigh 07517 359996 Diane 07852 272869 Qualified therapists, mobile and home based from Tring


Caroline Biddle Yoga Group classes and 1:1 in Chesham 07742 588883

Yoga Tree

07528 122281

Green Living

Miessence home care range

Vanessa Scola Gardening/Mosaics 07944 868209

Vegetarian Restaurants

Anusia Café 50 High Street, Tring, Herts HP23 5AG Tel: 01442 823993

Woody’s –Vegetarian/Vegan Restaurant 19 Dickinson Quay, Apsley Lock, Hemel Hempstead HP3 9WG 01442 266280


The Listening Post 01494 812074

Meditation Clearing Ancestral Karmic Patterns Mondays 7.30pm, Chesham Angela 01494 778667

Laurie Elliott Accredited teacher of ancient wisdom meditation – private sessions and at the Bagnall Centre, Chesham; and Champneys Health Spa, Tring 01296 625392 / 07549 998448

Art & Design

Art Journaling Courses Isabel Clements, Chesham 01494 775962 or 07909 908573

Art Radio A platform for artists to promote their work and a whole new way to experience the way we look at all forms of creativity.

Bespoke Framing Ferndale Farm, Horsemoor Lane, Winchmore Hill, Amersham HP7 0PL 01494 433191

Queens Park Arts Centre Aylesbury 01296 424332 Providing arts for all in the local community

Web Design Donna Forbes –

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Serving one another The nature of healing

expression through the arts, therapies and spiritual connection.

If you’re looking to define compassion and empathy, consider that everyone around you is fighting some sort of personal battle. It may not be something we want to focus on too often, and instead we would be better off celebrating each other’s light and sharing in our gifts, but – to some degree – everyone is wounded. We all have our own shadow side or ‘pain body’. Many people are quite unconscious of what that is and how it makes them behave, and how the people around them are also acting out their pain, and triggering the pain in others.

What causes the pain body? It can go right back to a difficult birth or a lack of love in childhood; abuse of many kinds; insults and criticisms; perceived failures; violence and cruelty; rejection; loneliness; isolation through feeling different from the norm; grief and loss.

What numbs the pain body? Distractions such as comfort food, work, alcohol, drugs, sex, shopping, drama, gossip and television are all potentially soothing, but can also be addictive and unhealthy.

What heals the pain body? Love, primarily: from others and compassion for ourselves. Also, exercise, friendship, laughter, meditation, being in nature, service to each other, self

Are those who we consider bad or even evil, more likely operating from an extreme pain body, along with various levels of disconnection and a high level of unconsciousness? Do we punish those with difficult or destructive behaviours, or do we try to help them? Has a suicide case wanted to escape life or have they simply wanted to escape their pain? I believe that by becoming fully

conscious of own pain body, we begin to heal, and to heal those around us. When others attack us, we see their pain and don’t take it so personally. We spend less time numbing out, and instead engage in activities that energise us. This magazine is about an

energising, alternative way of life to the model of society presented to us by the mainstream media. The constant demand for increased productivity to feed a selfish materialism puts a huge strain on the individual. Surely the true nature of humanity is to bring out the best in each other. By cooperating, we help each other to thrive, rather than competing in an effort to survive. By connecting, we can find the

people who resonate with us, who care for us and for whom we care, and who can heal alongside us. We begin to live on a soul level, we use our intuition more, and we stop labelling and judging.

Peter Hawkes


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