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wellbeing Creating a work / life balance Our busy lives

Running a business, maintaining a home or raising a family can place a lot of responsibility on your shoulders; there’s so much to do and never enough time to do it in. As a result, you can end up living

your life at full speed, often creating a need to redress the balance between doing the things you enjoy, and the everyday grind. If you know the things that are

important to you, put these first; you have to prioritise, because it’s impossible to do everything and to please everyone. Instead of feeling that you aren’t

measuring up to unrealistic media images of perfection, and before you become burnt-out or resentful, stop and take stock. Start by writing out a list of the main tasks which you do regularly. What could you leave off your list, for now at least, what could you do less often and what tasks could you delegate to others? It can also help to look at your

beliefs around the work which you do. Do you feel that you should do everything yourself to achieve the best results or do you feel guilty about asking others for help? Sharing, delegating and teamwork all save us from running ourselves into the ground. We all lead hectic lives and it’s often hard to get on top of those everyday tasks, let alone take on new activities!

Sharing the load

Everyone has their specialities, so consider doing what you are best at.

Just sit back, relax and let us take some

of the pressure out of your life.

Things that are enjoyed by one person may be distasteful to another. I’m a born organiser and multi-tasker. I pride myself on my attention to detail, which I gained from my years of working with professional couples as a nanny in their homes, and my customer service skills which I learnt whilst working for John Lewis, many years ago. In addition, my experience as a PA, with a head for accounting, gives me a combination of skills for making things happen smoothly and efficiently. It’s great to be

able to give people

back the time to do what they love, by taking away everyday stresses with my one-on-one bespoke home management service. The tasks I do over a one week period vary greatly, which is what makes it so interesting; from going to Victoria in London to arrange passports, through organising a child’s party, planning a dinner menu, sending birthday cards, to arranging tickets for a TV show. The more

Amy Cronin grew up in Chorleywood and has spent her working life in the Chilterns area. Like the first Man Friday, who helped his master, Robinson Crusoe, with absolutely everything, she is the ultimate Girl Friday, an adept multi-tasker. Call her on 07734 418954

obscure the job, the more challenging it is, and I definitely think that having a sense of humour helps to see me through the day!

Amy Cronin Services covered

∫ Booking holidays and travel ∫ Organising staff ∫ Errand running ∫ Diary and life administration ∫ Event planning ∫ Moving home and office ∫ Project management ∫ Reservations ∫ Personal shopping ∫ Decluttering ∫ Christmas!

The Complete Girl Friday wants to make your life easier, so please ask if what you’re looking for is not on the list. Charges are at a rate of £17.50 per hour with discounts available for regular bookings. An initial consultation is free. No membership or minimum hours.


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