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John Lewis Partnership plc Sustainability Review 2014

41 Community investment

Both Partners and customers play a part in supporting our communities. Together, through volunteering, charity schemes, and initiatives in schools, we’re making a difference.


Pre-tax profits to charitable and community activities

4.3% Download additional data here

Partnership contribution to charities and community groups*

(%) D C B A Volunteering

When Partners volunteer their time, it enables them to develop their skills while giving something back, and we have countless opportunities for Partners to support charities and community groups.

The Golden Jubilee Trust, our flagship volunteering programme, was created in 2000 to allow Partners to apply for a full or part-time volunteering secondment with a UK-registered charity for up to six months. Since the Trust was founded, more than 260,000 hours have been dedicated to volunteering, with 657 Partners participating in temporary assignments with UK charities. This year, 45 charities were supported through the scheme.

A. Total value of cash contributions made to charities and community groups £9,888,842.42 (69.3%)†

B. Total value of time contributions made to charities and community groups £2,439,761.61 (17.1%)

C. Total value of in-kind contributions made to charities and community groups £614,722.25 (4.3%)

D. Total value of management cost contributions made to charities and community groups £1,320,744.96 (9.3%)

* As defined by the London Benchmarking Group model. † This figure includes a total of £2,948,687 generated for The Prince of Wales’s Charitable Foundation through royalties paid from the sale of Duchy Originals.


In addition to the opportunities created by the Trust, at John Lewis we increased volunteer hours this year by almost 60%, thanks to clear new guidelines designed to help branch managers effectively manage their volunteering programmes. With the launch of our ‘Bringing Skills to Life’ programme (see page 42), we have also encouraged Community Liaison Co-ordinators within our shops to recruit Partners to volunteer and deliver workshops in schools.

Among a number of volunteering initiatives across the country, Waitrose shops took part in Business in the Community’s Give and Gain global volunteering day in May. Partners spent the day in local primary schools running activities that included fun tastings of healthy food and quizzes about healthy eating. Children were also invited to tour our shops to taste some delicious fresh produce and learn about the importance of healthy eating.

Community Matters

Our Community Matters scheme – where John Lewis and Waitrose customers use a green token at the end of their shop to vote for how much we donate to particular local charities – reached its fifth anniversary, this year donating more than £4m of our profit to supporting good causes in our communities. We see this as a simple example of democratic giving at its best. Shoppers on are also given an opportunity to vote at checkout. This year also saw the first full year of Community Matters Partner volunteering activity, which enables time as well as money to be allocated to local causes.

Our schools programmes Grow and Sell We believe Waitrose has a role to ensure learning about food comes to life – we can best do that through our own Partners and their passion for the way we select and sell our food. This year, we launched our newest initiative, aimed at encouraging 7–11 year olds in schools local to all our shops to grow their own produce and sell it outside our shops. We provide information to help them plan their garden, prepare and plant, grow and sell. Through the scheme, Partners teach children to identify where food comes from, the importance of seasonality and the fragility of producing food. Children are also able to develop entrepreneurial skills by selling their produce to our customers.

Waitrose supported Christmas lunch events for nearly 40,000 elderly, homeless and vulnerable people across the UK as part of its Christmas Isolation campaign to tackle loneliness.






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