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John Lewis Partnership plc Sustainability Review 2014

37 Waste and Packaging

We’re committed to stopping waste. We’re diverting it from landfill, increasing the amount that is recycled, and working with our supply chain to reduce it altogether.



19.8 61.0

23.0 66.0


Proportion of Partnership waste diverted from landfill (%)

92.1 29.1 63.0

96.1 30.5


Proportion – anaerobic digestion 2011

2012 Proportion – recycled All years relate to our trading year.

Data for 2011 – 2013 includes operational trade waste and partial John Lewis head office data. 2014 data includes operational trade, waste and all Head Office data. Please see data download for detail on the scope of our waste reporting.

Download additional data here

PROGRESS AGAINST TARGETS 95% of waste to be diverted from landfill by year-end 2013/14.

98% of waste to be diverted from landfill by year-end 2015/16.

85% of total operational trade waste to be processed through materials recycling plus recovery of energy from food waste by year-end 2015/16.

Achieved Not achieved Ongoing 2013 2014

The Partnership has an overriding aim to stop waste, and we view the mix of waste materials we generate as valuable resources. We are committed to working with our supply chain to reduce waste and explore opportunities for closing the loop on our waste material. We are pleased to have exceeded our target of diverting 95% of waste from landfill by 2013/14.

Our target now is for 85% of total operational trade waste to be processed through materials recycling plus recovery of energy from food waste by year-end 2015/16 and to divert 98% of waste from landfill by 2015/16. We are on track to meet both.

Our policy is, wherever possible, to reduce waste, divert waste from landfill and recycle in the UK. In 2013/14, our mixed plastic waste contractors reprocessed nearly 3,000 tonnes of our waste plastic material and we are working with them to turn this into usable products for our building projects.

We work closely with our specialist waste contractors to minimise the amount of mixed waste that we have been unable to separate for recycling. In support of our waste targets, we use materials recovery facilities to extract recyclable material from our mixed waste. The residual waste is then increasingly being used as a fuel in waste-to-energy incineration plants, rather than being sent to landfill.

For unavoidable food waste, we have extended our anaerobic digestion solution to include John Lewis as well as Waitrose, so food waste from all our shops and head offices will be diverted away from landfill in 2014. In addition, we expect a reduction in food waste at Waitrose as our food donations network increases. We actively encourage charities to approach our shops to set up donation schemes.

In 2014, we will develop and integrate our waste strategy and align it with our broader environmental goals. This will address specific challenges we face, such as understanding the full range of our waste resources when data is not readily available.

In 2014, we will rollout our successful previously trialled carpet recycling initiative, with carpet offcuts from our floor covering service reused for new carpet underlay. We will also continue to find ways to give new life to products when customers no longer have a use for them – such as building on the success of our sofa reuse scheme.


Stephen Tuddenham, Department Manager Retail Support, Waitrose Chipping Sodbury with the covered trolley bay made from recycled mixed plastics.






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