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John Lewis Partnership plc Sustainability Review 2014


Responsible development New approaches, careful planning and considerate building are helping us develop our business responsibly. We’ve achieved brilliant standards this year – and set our sights high for the future.

KEY FACTS New build projects


By 2015, undertake a high-level biodiversity assessment covering our existing Partnership estate to identify biodiversity assets and risks, and adopt a Biodiversity Action Plan for the estate.

By 2015, develop a sustainable materials strategy for the Partnership estate.

Achieved Not achieved Ongoing Our Responsible

Development Framework Our Responsible Development Framework sets out our aspiration to design, operate and manage our estate in a way that meets the needs of our customers, Partners and the wider community, while creating minimal impact on the environment during construction, operation and disposal.

Trialling new approaches

A key feature of the Framework is our commitment to trialling new technologies and ways of working in ‘Point of Focus’ projects. Successful methods are then applied where relevant across our estate in all future building activity – an approach we believe is sustainable and drives value. A successful ‘Point of Focus’ project – Waitrose Chipping Sodbury – opened in October 2013.


Meanwhile, John Lewis York, due to open in spring 2014, is set to be the lowest- carbon branch in the John Lewis estate and is on target to achieve a Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method (BREEAM) ‘Outstanding’ for internal fit-out – a first for a John Lewis shop. Our aim in 2014 is to measure the success of these projects, both financially and environmentally, and transfer findings into business as usual, while at the same time trialling new methods, materials and technology through further ‘Point of Focus’ projects.

Our new Waitrose at Chipping Sodbury and John Lewis at York, due to open Spring 2014, were this year’s ‘Point of Focus’ shops.

Planning and building

considerately Our major projects are measured and certified to recognised sustainability standards. Our current standards are BREEAM ‘Excellent’ for new construction and BREEAM ‘Very Good’ for major refurbishments*

exemplary level Considerate Constructors Scheme performance (a score of 40 or more) in every project. Two major builds this year – Waitrose Chipping Sodbury and John Lewis at home Ashford achieved ‘beyond compliance’ certification, with scores of 43 and 40 out of 50 respectively.

We are now analysing our current activity, with plans for developing a sustainable materials strategy for the Partnership estate by 2015. This will be an area of increasing focus over the next two years.

Our long-term aim is for no net biodiversity loss on our estate as a result of development. We are working with our suppliers to build understanding and capability, and to minimise impacts while positively contributing to biodiversity in our supply chains. Our efforts will support the Government’s objective to halt biodiversity losses in the UK by 2020.

This year, as well as trialling biodiversity initiatives at ‘Point of Focus’ shops, we have undertaken biodiversity assessments across our estate to identify assets and risks. The results will inform the development of a Biodiversity Action Plan for the estate.

At John Lewis York, we are working closely with City of York ecologists and the York Wildlife Trust to develop an effective biodiversity plan for the site. We are exploring options such as creating habitats for a variety of species and reviewing the landscape planting to encourage biodiversity. We view active engagement with customers and Partners in our biodiversity initiatives as one positive outcome of our plans.

Find out more... Our Responsible Development Framework . Our aim is also to achieve

* Excluding any previously agreed developer deals and Waitrose Convenience.

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