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John Lewis Partnership plc Sustainability Review 2014

33 Climate change and energy

We need to protect our environment – and our business. So, we’re reducing our carbon footprint and finding smarter ways to power the Partnership.


Absolute Partnership emissions (tonnes CO2

e) 515,380 509,931 539,275 546,358 Climate change 2011 2012

Partnership emissions (tonnes CO2

62.8 2013

e per £m sales) 58.4

2014 56.5 53.7

and our business We recognise the need to adapt and future-proof our business against the impact of climate change and minimise our contribution to it. The biggest contributor to our operational carbon footprint by far is the energy we use in our estate. Rising electricity, gas and oil prices have an impact on the cost of running our shops. The ways we procure, use and generate energy present opportunities for us to contribute to the UK Government’s carbon reduction target and our own carbon plan and to ensure long- term energy security for our business.

Our carbon plan 2011 2012 All years relate to our trading year.

Our carbon footprint has been restated for all years in order to account for material changes to the conversion factors provided by Defra for company reporting purposes.

Download additional data here

PROGRESS AGAINST TARGETS Deliver a 15% absolute reduction in operational carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2

e) emissions

by year-end 2020/21 against a 2010/11 baseline.

Achieved Not achieved Ongoing 2013 2014

The underpinning theme for our carbon plan is the need for solutions that are sustainable – socially, environmentally and economically. We are working to reduce absolute operational CO2

equivalent (CO2 e)

emissions by 15% by 2020/21 against our 2010/11 baseline. This is a challenging target that necessitates the development of a range of solutions, but we have identified significant opportunities to bring emissions down while growing our business. Our target is the driving force behind innovation and the development of creative solutions – from the energy that powers our shops to the way we refrigerate food and our encouragement of Partners to play their part.


“ The strength of our Carbon Plan lies in the fact that it is driving the right behaviours that will deliver long-term change in how we do business.”

Naomi Wells, Head of Future Planning and Sustainable Development

Improving our estate

Waitrose and John Lewis Ipswich won Retail Project of the Year at the 2013 Lux Lighting Awards. The judges described the project as a glimpse of ‘the future of LEDs without the slightest compromise to the lit environment’.

Across our estate, we have continued to install LED lighting as standard, introduced the next generation of our low-carbon,

water-cooled refrigeration system and improved building management systems to drive down energy consumption and improve working and shopping environments for our Partners and customers. As a result of refurbishments in 2013/14 at a number of Waitrose shops, we anticipate a reduction in carbon emissions of between 30 and 60% compared to existing equivalent buildings. Find out more about our achievements and aspirations for our estate on page 34.

We test and trial improvements in our building design, construction, fit-out and operation that will help achieve our target. Successful trials are then incorporated into our standards and specifications.

Looking forward

In 2014, we will continue in our efforts to drive down our carbon emissions against the backdrop of rising utility costs and taxes. This includes continuing to innovate and trial new technology.

Developing low carbon energy generation solutions that are cost effective, given business reliance on incentives, is a challenge. However, we aim to maximise our use of low carbon sources and see these technologies as a vital component in our carbon reduction plans. We also recognise the contribution that good environmental behaviour makes, and so will continue to engage Partners in the need to reduce energy consumption.

Our new electricity contract will provide greater transparency on the sources of the energy we procure. We have signed a new energy supply deal, which will support renewable generation projects owned by communities, farmers and small businesses across the UK. The agreement will see SmartestEnergy, which buys electricity from hundreds of independent generation projects, supply more than 380 Waitrose and John Lewis sites with 100% renewable electricity.






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