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Advantages in supplying complete systems for your instrument A vendor can use his knowledge database of many

The fluidic components inside an instrument are the heart and crucial part – they need to work fluently and reliable to fulfil their tasks. The user usually does not get in touch with the single components they are the silent workers to provide reliable and fast test results. Within the fluidics the connections and interfaces

are always a critical part. Every connection and interface includes the risk to leak and cause trouble in the instrument. One possibility to reduce fluidic connections and

interfaces is using the active components like valves on a manifold block which comprises of the different necessary channels and reduces tubes and connectors to a minimum. In addition manifold blocks are designed in very small packaged volumes to perfectly fit into the instrument. Less production steps for the instrument

manufacturer reduce failures and costs. The manufacturer can use a tested component which just needs to be integrated and connected as one single piece.

Manifold systems designed by fluidic experts

who know the components like valves and pumps and are able to provide the best solution in design and performance.

different projects and components with standardised principles which proofed their reliability before. This in-house standardisation and quality control is a benefit for every customer. Such fluidic system inside the machine is a stand-

alone project with lots of different tasks. Outsourcing this lets a system manufacturer

concentrate on his strength and give the project management and all related coordination work to the vendor. The vendor on the other hand provides a complete

solution comprising of everything which is necessary to answer the given requirements. It can be electronics, sensors, valves, pumps, filters, connectors and interfaces to offer the best solution. These systems do various jobs. Whether it is mixing and dosing liquids or cleaning and flushing channels and syringes it can all be done in one block. Customised solutions with standardised

components offer the best of two worlds. A system that fits to the application comprising of reliable components lets the instrument designer think about his core tasks. Choose a vendor who offers international contacts

all over the world, to be close to the instrument manufacturer and have fast communication during the project. Maybe ask your vendor next time what he is able to do for you that is more than just components. Manifolds are part of a customised solution

developed by specialists with optimally matched components from one source. Installation of the service-friendly modules is fast and easy and the risk of leaks is reduced by fewer total interfaces. System solutions based on the new compact

valves open up new areas of application and enable the engineering of altogether more compact analysis and lab instruments. Bürkert is one of the world’s leading companies

for measurement and control technology. Its products and systems cover the complete control loop and have a wide variety of applications, from breweries and laboratories to medical engineering and space technology.

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Bürkert Werke GmbH is based in Ingelfingen, Germany.

Precision is valuable.

Some balance manufacturers would like you to believe that precision and value don’t go hand in hand.

Adam Equipment balances bring you the performance you need with the features you want, at a value far superior to other balances in their class. With more than 40 years of delivering quality balances and moisture analyzers to professionals around the world, Adam is the one you can rely on.

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