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I remember attending the very first Caffè Culture four years ago. It was obvious it was a winner right from the start, and sure enough this annual show has gone from strength to strength. The buzz at this year's event was palpable - it was a real privilege to be there as part of this vibrant industry with everything to play for

This year's event (June 23-25) was undoubtedly helped by having the finals of the World Barista Championships and SCAE Annual Championships taking place within the exhibition halls: even if you weren't watching the competitors you could hear the cheers throughout Olympia! As well as adding to the atmosphere the finals brought a lot of extra international visitors to the show - great for those exhibitors with an overseas presence, not so great for those who don't sell abroad maybe... Yes, there were a few whingers - "this should be only a two-day show" being the most common complaint - but for the most part those exhibitors I spoke to (or tried to speak to - some were just inundated with visitors to their stands!) were over the moon. I imagine as a visitor you, dear reader, must have found it a very worthwhile trip indeed. Everyone who is anyone in the coffee industry was there, and whether you were looking for a new coffee supplier, wanted to buy a new machine or were in search of inspiration for your food offer there was choice aplenty. Certainly we at EC had a fantastic show. Perhaps you made it along to the stand? Our chic 'café' - complete with professional

barista (great job, Kirby! Thanks Mozzo) - was busy, busy, busy. I met lots of interesting people (some were readers - maybe it was you?!) with some fantastic ideas they are hoping to bring to market. Look out for Big Gorilla coffee, for example: this initiative aims to help save the mountain gorillas of Kabale in Uganda from extinction. A high quality Arabica coffee roasted and packed there should be on sale over here by the end of the year - and 20% of sales will go towards conservation of the gorillas' habitat. Speaking of coffee our feature on page 13 attempts to answer some of the questions you might be asking yourself if you're looking to put together a speciality coffee menu - because it seems to me the whole selection process can be a bit of a minefield, unless you're an expert. Well, we've asked some industry insiders to give us their take on the subject - hope it helps! Inside this issue we're also featuring an interview with inspiring young entrepreneur Sadie Hopkins (page 36), reviewing the inaugural Bath Coffee Festival (page 29), looking at the profits to be made from 'sweet treats' such as cakes, cookies, pastries and muffins (page 31), and updating you on the 'Scores on the doors' health & safety initiative (page 39).

So, read on - and enjoy!

Sue Dunk


EC’s Caffè Culture stand before the hoards were let in: it didn’t remain this pristine, believe me!

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