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Summer macaroons from La Maison du Chocolat

CSM has also launched a Smarties Doughnut, covered with chocolate flavour icing topped with crushed Nestlé Smarties. The ring doughnut is supplied frozen for you to thaw and serve on its individual tray. Strong Smarties branding makes it an ideal counter display product, and it's one of CSM's range of Nestlé branded ring doughnuts - which also includes Rolo and Toffee Crisp varieties.

Pippin Doughnuts was founded by James Webb and Carol

Brough in 2008 and is dedicated to producing yeast-raised doughnuts with the emphasis on freshness and flavour. The philosophy is to make traditional doughnuts with the best ingredients and to move away from the commercial 'packet mix' varieties. Doughs are made fresh every morning using local free- range eggs and flour from Shipton Mill. Fruits are sourced from local farms whenever possible and fillings are made in-house, from traditional raspberry, strawberry and redcurrant jam through to the more unusual rhubarb & vanilla jam. Tangy lemon curd, creamy vanilla custard and a rich chocolate ganache are also among the best sellers. James says: "We started the business aiming to put right the humble doughnut, to exceed customer expectations on flavour and quality, not on making a product as cheaply as possible for the sake of it. Our doughnuts are very generously filled and are made fresh every day to be sold on the day, enjoyed on the day - how they should be; not sitting in a bag on the shelf for a week. We were concerned about wastage in the initial start of the business, but we had no need to worry - we sell out at most markets." Pippin Doughnuts are sold at farmers' markets throughout Gloucestershire, Oxfordshire, Bristol and Newbury and at local delicatessens, and there's a delivery service in the Swindon area.

Another little treat that's been seen in Sex and the City is the macaroon. Parisian chocolatier La Maison du Chocolat has launched a range of five macaroons for the summer: Passion, Andalousie, Porcelana, Pistachio and Noisette.


Readi-Bake All Butter Shortbread and Triple Choc Shortbread from CSM United Kingdom have a golden home-baked appearance and a tempting freshly baked aroma, and can be baked straight from the freezer. All-butter luxury and a moreish combination of plain, milk and white real Belgian chocolate chunks make Readi-Bake Shortbread superior to pre-baked, pre-wrapped products, and a winner for cafés, CSM believes. You simply place the shortbread squares in the oven for 14-20 minutes, then sprinkle them with sugar.

PREMIUM STYLE Speedibake, which reckons to be the country's largest muffin manufacturer, is launching a new premium coffee shop style range of indulgent 128g muffins in flowerpot paper cases and with attractive fillings. Head of foodservice Andy Honeywood says: "Leisure eating outlets face challenging trading conditions this year, but we believe offering extra value to consumers will convince them to treat themselves." Country Choice has introduced bar-shaped Danish pastries

that are perfect for eating on the move. The 65g Danish Trellis Bars should attract a younger audience to Danish pastries: they bring a modern twist to a traditional favourite but are still authentic, made in Denmark from 24 layers of light, crisp Danish pastry. Supplied frozen, the Orange and Raspberry varieties are baked off in 15 minutes. Packed in a mixed case holding 24 of each variety, they come with sugar and chocolate-flavoured icing for decorating.

Make the most of brand awareness with thaw and serve Smarties doughnuts from CSM

32 Essential Café

"The sweet pastries market enjoyed strong growth through 2009, albeit hampered slightly by the recession," Country Choice marketing controller Stephen Clifford tells EC. "Products containing fruit and seeds are selling well, possibly because they are being targeted by consumers who regard them as a healthier option. At the same time, the consumer's desire to purchase small treats that are 'not too bad for you' is reflected in the success of mini-sized products such as doughnuts and muffins. Often, these are replacing purchases of chocolate bars." Bakehouse has launched the Patisse range of fully baked pastries that will enable café owners to capitalise on consumer demand for 'affordable luxury'.

They have all-butter pastry and tempting fillings: Passion Fruit & Raspberry Diamond; Rhubarb Crumble Square; Apple & Blackberry Panier; Chocolate & Raspberry Panier; Caramel &

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