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a week it's important to find something different to keep their interest - seasonal blends or single origins will do that. We only buy from small growers so when all the elements come together to produce an outstanding coffee - the right amount of sun and rain, the beans picked at exactly the right time, etc - there may only be three or four sacks of that particular coffee available. But different countries harvest their coffees at different times of the year so we receive different microlots of coffee all the time - this is what a seasonal coffee is to us." David suggests ringing the changes with a range of filter coffees. "Speciality filter coffees - ie. individually-brewed cups of single origin speciality coffees of extremely high quality - are very popular right now and a great way of refreshing your offering and introducing customers to new tastes. The investment is small but the point of difference it gives you over your competitors is significant and I think this trend will be here for some time to come. The

Cafédirect has brought the single origin concept to the instant

coffee market

filter option can be single origin coffee or blends that you change weekly or monthly to educate customers by offering a 'trip around the globe' or it could be your ethical coffee - such as Fairtrade, Organic or Rainforest Alliance - which is a very important choice to some customers. "About 25% of our espresso coffee sales are for Fairtrade, Organic, and Rainforest Alliance blends so there's certainly a demand for an 'ethically sound' coffee - even if you only offer it as a filter coffee or a single freshly made cafetiere, it's important to have this option."


It has been suggested by some baristas at the top of their game that the quality just isn't there when it comes to fairly traded coffees, whatever the ethical badge. This is a tricky one, and opinion is divided. Here's what our experts have to say. "Overall, I think the demand for good quality coffee has gone up, and consequently many co-operation farms are improving their product," says Sadie. "I think it's unfair to say all Rainforest

Alliance farms or all Fairtrade farms offer a poorer quality product, but at the same time these are generally not producing coffee for the speciality market. The requirements of the purchaser are different, so the product is different." Thierry is full-square behind the ethical movement and has every confidence in Cafédirect's products. "In choosing your range, you are making a statement about your own ethics as a business and consumers are increasingly demanding a trusted brand that will deliver quality, provenance and ethics in one package. They are not prepared to compromise on either ethics or taste and expect their chosen venue to deliver both to an exceptional standard."

Helen Cridge, customer marketing manager at Douwe

Egberts, comments: "Consumers' purchasing habits have clearly changed over the last decade and it is now more crucial than ever to have high quality, sustainable beverages on a menu. This will not only satisfy the modern day coffee drinker but ensure they return to the outlet."

Perhaps, then, for all but the very top, gourmet end of the market - the artisan independents - an ethically sourced offer of a sufficiently high quality is a reality, and one which the mainstream market ignores at its peril.


Following the success of its best selling Machu Picchu Roast & Ground coffee, Cafédirect has created a new freeze dried product from the award-winning Machu Picchu coffee beans - so even cafés with no more than a kettle can join the speciality movement! Made from beans that are 100% Arabica, cultivated high in the Peruvian Andes, the taste is described as "sumptuously rich with hints of nutty, dark chocolate". Vegan and vegetarian specialist supplier Essential Trading has launched a full flavoured 100% Arabica coffee - Café Rebelde Zapatista - which comes from the heart of the jungles of Mexico. The coffee, which is available in beans or ground, is grown and shipped by Chiapas communities operating on a fair trade system by KIPTIK and the Zapatistas. KIPTIK is a UK- based solidarity group - the name means "strength" - which works directly with the Zapatista communities of Chiapas in Mexico. Funds from the sale of Café Rebelde Zapatista are used directly for a number of water projects. Cherizena has

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frog graces Drury's new PoS material

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introduced a new Caribbean Calypso flavoured coffee to bring a taste of summer to coffee menus. The new flavour has been created from Columbian coffee beans infused with the flavours of banana, rum and coconut. Available as beans or ground, and as decaffeinated or regular coffee, it contains no syrups or coatings and can be supplied in a range of pack sizes. Cherizena offers up to 30 single origin coffees and

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