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are ready when needed, and with a wrapped shelf life of five days will keep waste to a minimum. Dawn muffins are guaranteed nut free and are delivered in small easy-to-store cases for simple stock control.

Cup Cakes are seen as 'in vogue' right now and Dawn offers Thaw & Serve in flavours such as chocolate, lemon, vanilla and strawberry. While for those operators who need a branded 'Food to Go' solution, Dawn can offer the "Adore" range of premium Cookies, Muffins, Loaf Cakes and Brownie.

READY TO FINISH For those looking for a ready to finish option, the new Dawn Cup Cake bases are frozen in a case count of 36 and can be thawed as required and finished with the operator's own signature. Available in two flavours - rich chocolate in premium quality dark brown paper cases and classic plain cup cakes in luxury gold cases - they can be finished by using Dawn's Frostings.

Blueberry muffins incorporate whole blueberries

delivery and real satisfaction associated with Dawn Foods products, and have general levels of inclusion with some boasting super- indulgent fillings and temptingly finished with a variety of Dawn toppings. Top varieties include Blueberry, with a generous inclusion of juicy whole blueberries; Cappuccino & Chocolate Chip, with luxury Belgian chocolate pieces; luscious Lemon Injected, with a generous lemon filling and a sugar nib topping; Triple Chocolate for the true chocolate lover, with dark and white chocolate chunks; and Toffee Injected Chocolate Crumble with toffee pieces and real chocolate chunks, a caramel sauce injection and a topping of tasty crumble. All Dawn muffins can be thawed and served in just two hours - so they

BAKE FROM INGREDIENTS Dawn's Baker's Select range of premixes - for those looking to start from scratch - offer ease-of-use, and the flexibility to produce ranges of sweet bakery products quickly and reliably. Constantly working to stay ahead of government directives, consumer demands and changing issues within the industry, Dawn's Baker's Select offers its customers the opportunity to beat competitors with extensive, high quality ranges that look good, taste great and deliver real value for money. Baker's Select products contain no hydrogenated fats, and are nut free. Versatile and highly tolerant, the products allow the end user to be creative and produce several products from individual mixes. The latest addition is the range of Just-Add-Water Cake Mixes which are even easier to use and are available in chocolate, coffee, vanilla, farmhouse, toffee indulgence (with real toffee pieces), and orange, strawberry and lemon varieties with real fruit pieces. Dawn's comprehensive range includes Crème Cake bases, Genoese, Super Sponge and Muffin Mixes, Carrot Cake base, Brownies, Cookie bases and Scone mixes. Dawn will always support by supplying recipe ideas and practical advice.

ICINGS AND FROSTINGS To complement Dawn's growing range of ready-to-finish products and its mixes, the company’s range of icings and frostings continues to grow and combines good looks with great tastes and real ease-of- use. Ready to use straight from the pail, the icings and frostings are made using all natural colours and flavours. In Icings, Dawn offers Vanilla Glossy, Caramel, Double Chocolate Glossy, Chocolate Spread and Gloss, Orange Fudge, Lemon Fudge, Strawberry Fudge and Coffee Fudge whilst in Frostings Dawn's range includes Vanilla, Chocolate, Toffee, Strawberry, Lemon, Coffee and last but not least the company's famous Cream Cheese frosting. In conclusion Jacqui says: "Whatever the business need, customers should 'talk to us': we work hard to understand the sector, the consumer and the product category and are always delighted to help."

Choose thaw and serve cookies or bake from a mix

For more information contact: Dawn Foods T: 01386 760843 W:

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