New Set Free Sigma is VRF with flexibility built in SEER up to 8.33 and a market-leading SCOP of up to 5.06 Call us today on 020 3901 0912 or visit



Titan Products has revealed its all new TPDPT8 Air Diff erential Pressure Sensors which provide no long-term or temperature drift, and a better than 0.2% accuracy near zero pressure. These are Titan Products’ most stable and accurate diff erential air pressure sensors to date. The TPDPT8 transmitters off er +/- range selection options and multi- range options from 0-25Pa to 0-500Pa, while additional options include LCD display and IP65 industrial housing, making them perfect for applications in ventilation and air conditioning systems, operating theatres, fume cupboards, fi lter monitoring, fan speed control, air pressure monitoring control and air leak detection systems. Titan Products is also in the fi nal stages of developing a range of BACnet and Modbus Air Diff erential Pressure sensors which will be available soon. All of Titan’s product design, PCB design, electronic production, testing and calibration is carried out on site in Stockport. Its range includes environmental sensors, temperature control, BACnet control, natural ventilation products, input/output modules, alarm management, light and occupancy products and bespoke user interfaces.


Toshiba Air Conditioning UK has introduced a new water-based condenser coil protection coating option that improves air conditioning effi ciency and extends equipment life, while helping to protect the environment.

Conventional condenser treatments contain volatile organic compounds (VOCs), solvents known to be harmful to the environment and hazardous to human health. The new water-based coating, made by Bronz-Glow, does not contains VOCs yet is highly eff ective in protecting copper and aluminium used in coils from corrosion. Toshiba Air Conditioning is the fi rst UK air conditioning supplier to

off er such a water-based condenser treatment option. It is available on condensers across the company’s range, covering VRF, multi-split systems and individual split air conditioning units. Toshiba recommends its use where equipment is located in coastal regions and industrial and urban areas subject to high levels of nitrogen oxide, nitrogen dioxide and sulphur. High concentrations of these compounds can exist within three miles of the coast and high intensity urban and industrial areas.


The new Panasonic fl oor console for residential applications boasts a stylish design and a high effi ciency A++ rating, making it an ideal alternative to traditional radiators. The new fl oor

console, part of Panasonic’s UFE range, allows homeowners to heat their home during the winter and cool it in the summer. Available in pure white, its compact design means the fl oor console

fi ts easily into most living spaces or bedrooms. Its narrow depth allows for easy installation (600H x 750W x 207D mm). The unit can be mounted directly on the fl oor or fi xed under a window. With four capacities available, the range adapts to the demands of any room: 2.5kW (CS-Z25UFEAW), 3.5kW (CS-Z35UFEAW) and 5kW (CS-Z50UFEAW) for Multi and Single Split, and a 2kW unit (CS- MZ20UFEA) for Multi-Split only. Its attractive aesthetic and easy-to- use infrared remote controller helps the fl oor console system blend seamlessly with any home interior design scheme. The new fl oor console features both upwards and downwards airfl ow from the unit to allow a consistent supply of air to the room. In heating mode, it diff uses the airfl ow down and in cooling mode, it diff uses fresh air upwards. The sound level of the console ensures a calm environment with a super quiet operation of 20 dB(A) in low speed.

Star Refrigeration

Star Refrigeration has announced the launch of its new Envi range of eco- friendly, industrial CO2


packages to provide a long-term solution for smaller scale industrial applications for temperature controlled storage, food and drink manufacturing, inline freezing and chilling, building services, industrial processes, data centres and leisure and ice applications.

The range of pre-engineered, energy effi cient industrial CO2 refrigeration packages are one of the industry’s fi rst industrial CO2 refrigeration solutions to off er longevity along with high performance and a competitive price tag.

The Envichill, Envicold and Envichiller solutions feature single- stage transcritical CO2

packs, multiple semi-hermetic reciprocating

compressors and Star Refrigeration’s patented low-pressure receiver, delivering enhanced effi ciency via semi-fl ooded evaporator operation. Meanwhile, the Envifreeze features a two-stage compression booster system for lower temperatures and enhanced performance.

50 July 2018

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