New Set Free Sigma is VRF with flexibility built in SEER up to 8.33 and a market-leading SCOP of up to 5.06 Call us today on 020 3901 0912 or visit




Sontay’s SC-Gateways provide direct Building Management Systems (BMS) integration for air conditioning units via the smart communication protocols, Modbus and BACnet, saving system integrators valuable time and hassle. The Intesis gateways help improve the integration time of a number of AC brands, including Daikin, Mitsubishi and Toshiba into

BMS, SCADA or EMS system via Modbus or BACnet. For Modbus, a common register map can be used across the range no matter the manufacturer, off ering a quick and seamless integration. The same is true for BACnet; the range off ers all the necessary BACnet objects to integrate the AC units into projects. Additional ranges for Fujitsu, LG, Hitachi, Samsung, Hisense or Panasonic are also available on request. The SC-Gateways are ideal for expansion or retrofi t projects as well as new build. System integrators can easily integrate on/off , mode, set- point, ambient temperature, fan speed as well as error alerts.


Panasonic has introduced an intelligent new Hybrid VRF to the European market, combining electric (EHP) and gas-driven heat pump (GHP) technology for optimal effi ciency. The new Hybrid VRF reduces energy costs by automatically switching

between its GHP and EHP. It also provides a free supply of domestic hot water (DHW), ideal for high demand applications such as hotels and apartment blocks.


Rockwool, the major producer of non- combustible stone wool insulation, has introduced a fi re-resistant insulation specifi cally designed to meet the latest, rigorous EN fi re resistance standards in a varied range of ductwork applications.

As part of the existing Rockwool FirePro range, the DuctRock system meets the EN fi re resistance standards EN1366-1 for A and B ventilation duct types, and EN1366-8 for smoke extraction ducts. It is fully tested in both horizontal and vertical applications for rectangular ductwork, in addition to dry wall and solid fl oor penetration details. DuctRock is supplied in just three levels of thickness to make

specifi cation easier, and classifi ed with a fi re rating ranging from EI 30 up to EI 120, depending on the thickness chosen, in accordance with both EN 13501-3 (fi re ducts and fi re dampers) and EN 13501-4 (smoke control systems).

The high quality, black outer foil fi nish identifi es the DuctRock system as the latest EN tested solution and provides a smart fi nish for ductwork manufacturers, contractors and end-users. Quick and simple to cut, handle and install, the FirePro DuctRock system is CE marked to meet BS EN 14303, covering thermal insulation products for building equipment and industrial installations.

The Hybrid VRF comprises a master GHP unit, an EHP unit and a specialised intelligent controller. This controller monitors usage, energy demand and air conditioning load to calculate if GHP, EHP or a combination of both, working simultaneously, will deliver the best savings. The intelligent controller will then intuitively switch the Hybrid VRF system between GHP and EHP to optimise effi ciency. The result is a signifi cant reduction in electrical demand during peak times, when the air conditioning load ratio is high. By switching to GHP during peak times, energy savings are maximised, enabling the building’s electrical supply to be used much more effi ciently to power critical infrastructure such as lighting or elevator operation.

Swegon Air Management

The Ceiling Collection is the latest group of diff users to join the Air Diff usion product range. These diff users have been designed with all parties in mind to ensure the diff users are simple to install and maintain and provide a comfortable environment. The faceplate discs can be easily rotated to change spread pattern, without aff ecting air fl ow, pressure drop or sound level. This keeps a consistent level of air distribution with minimal sound – something which often leads to system imbalance and performance issues later on in a building’s lifecycle. The diff users have hinges that clip into the backing box to enable easy access inside the ductwork and regular replacement of diff user faceplates – highly convenient for an operator when standing on a ladder. Only one person is needed for the replacement job, saving both time and money. The ALS Commissioning Box can be rotated 360°C and fi tted to the diff user from any direction, increasing the scope for installation possibilities. Its perforated interior reduces the level of sound generated in the ductwork.

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