 Flexible working. The number one demand I am seeing from job seekers is flexibility from their employer. This is the biggest reason for movement in the job market and an amazing way to either attract or retain top talent. Do your employees really have to stick to the 9-5? If the requirements of the job are not time-specific, then does it matter if they are done at 1am, 1pm, or 7pm? While everyone knows a broken air conditioning unit needs repairing right now, most tasks are not time critical and employees could do them when it suits them. Strict working hours without reason seem futile – ensuring the work is done is surely paramount.

 Flexible location. While similar to flexible working, one of the best ways my clients are finding future employees is by being entirely flexible on where they can work from. Many office-based roles can be carried out in a variety of places other than the typical office environment. Employees could be able to work from anywhere, as long as they have a suitable place to work and can get the job done. Travel to the office incurs monetary expenses for the employee, of course, but more insidiously, it costs them their own valuable time commuting

each day, plus the inherent headaches of traffic or public transport. Working from a home office could be a no brainer and an incredibly attractive proposition.

 Suitable office space. Two years ago I worked on a newly created role as an air conditioning project manager within a considerably sized contractor. The role included dealing with a range of prestigious projects and a sizeable customer base. It seemed like a promising position for the right person, and yet we struggled to fill it. Finding the suitable

candidates and getting them to interview was not the issue, but getting those candidates to accept the position was a challenge. After two unsuccessful attempts we went back to the candidates and asked them what had put them off accepting this position. Both times we were told ‘the office’. A less than welcoming reception and uncertainty about where to go, along with a messy office was putting people off. Sometimes this is not even a conscious thought process; we often decide on things based on our gut feeling. A lot of variables make us come to our final decision, but factors such as office environment or welcome given on arrival – both in our current environement as well as potential

environments – are all small factors that can affect our ultimate choice.

 Find out what people want. A typical appraisal or interview focuses on how we are getting on against a job specification, or how our experience compares against a job specification. What this does not do is look into what we actually want, what drives us and what makes us want to succeed. If we can find this out and stick to motivating and recruiting staff through this, then staff retention should increase.

 Offering the best product or service. If you offer a market leading product or service, then why are your staff going to go down the road for a company that offers a product or service that is not comparable?

 Money. Whilst all of the above are vitally important, they all fall down without paying staff the market rate or better. Always ask the question, what it would cost to replace that person?

Recruitment is still a headache, but it can be made easier with some of the above. Some firms will struggle to attract and retain talent, but the most employee-centric employers with strong brands or service offering will continue to prosper.

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› New R32 refrigerant replacing old R410a chillers

› Extensive Range from 80 kW up to 700 kW cooling capacity › Low GWP of just 675 compared to 2088 of 410a

› SEER efficiency improved by 10% (Ecodesign Lot21 compliant) › Low noise with compact footprint

› Fully compatible with Daikin on Site remote monitoring platform › Inbuilt master/slave sequencing

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d h

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