New Set Free Sigma is VRF with flexibility built in SEER up to 8.33 and a market-leading SCOP of up to 5.06 Call us today on 020 3901 0912 or visit




CIAT UK is introducing Epure Dynamics, a new indoor air quality (IAQ) system designed to deliver exceptional comfort conditions with an assured level of air purity for building occupants. Epure Dynamics uses a network of

calibrated air quality sensors connected to a Smart CIATControl system to continuously measure the concentration of particulates in the air. If the concentration measured in a space exceeds a pre-set level, the system activates the unit’s purifi cation mode, switching on the Epure fi ltration system, which has a fi ltering surface 11 times greater than that of conventional fi lters. In purifi cation mode, the unit continuously recycles and fi lters the air until air quality achieves the desired level. The cleaning process normally takes from a few minutes to half-an-hour, depending on the volume of the space and level of contaminants. This system is an improvement to conventional air conditioning systems that may not address the problem of particulates, particularly below the size range <2.5µm, considered to be most harmful to human health. Epure Dynamics features a dedicated purifi cation unit equipped with high-purity fi lters that quickly remove particles from contaminated air throughout the building.


Commercial Catering Spares (CCS) has launched a new refrigeration spares catalogue with more than 200 pages featuring detailed information on 3,500 items, illustrations and a sub-section on OEM branded spares.

As a special service for customers, CCS is off ering – besides a variety of 1,300 standard gaskets – top quality made-to-measure gaskets. More than 130 profi les for threaded and plug-in gaskets are available, with or without magnets, straight from CCS’ own production site with a two to four-day delivery time. These and many other items and technical training can be found on the CCS website. Through partnering with GEV, CCS has access to more than 80,000 spare parts for catering equipment, many of which are for refrigeration. CCS is constantly reviewing stock levels and expanding its product range, with an increasing number of OEM parts.

Emerson Daikin

Daikin has launched a new generation of high effi ciency air-cooled scroll chiller series with refrigerant R32. The new air-cooled chiller range (EWAT~B) will be available for cooling only and

heat recovery applications from 80kW up to 700kW cooling capacity at nominal conditions.

Compared to the previous R410A range, seasonal energy effi ciency ratio (SEER) is improved by 10%. The chiller range fully complies with the effi ciency requirements imposed by current European Legislation (Ecodesign Lot 21). Daikin is the fi rst in the market to introduce R32 refrigerant in this sector. The global warming potential is 675, one third of that of the commonly used refrigerant R410A. The selection of R32 (chemical name difl uoromethane) minimises the global warming impact of scroll compressor chillers thanks to the lower global warming potential in combination with high energy effi ciency. The new series is fully compatible with the Daikin on-site cloud- based platform.

Emerson has released the Copeland Scroll ZF54K5 compressor, a capacity extension of the Copeland Scroll K5 compressor, off ering facility operators a new solution to assist with meeting sustainability goals while helping to lower costs and boost energy effi ciency. The Copeland Scroll ZF54K5 compressor off ers high-level energy effi ciency

capabilities potentially delivering up to 20% improvement, lowering utility bills and reducing CO2


An extension in capacity allows up to 75,500 BTU/hr for low temperature applications, while redesigns of the motor, scroll and bearing help minimize annual energy consumption. The precision- machined scrolls provide superior isentropic effi ciency and wear-in for improved performance over time. Low ambient performance is also improved through new valving technology that adjusts the scroll compression ratio based on operating condition.

The Copeland Scroll ZF54K5 compressor is equipped with CoreSense Diagnostics, which can help prevent unnecessary service calls and extend compressor life. CoreSense Diagnostics send early warning signs of issues, help users protect from catastrophic conditions when failures are detected, and improve speed and accuracy of system troubleshooting by displaying fault codes.

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