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Insulduct has launched a phenolic foam wrap-around insulation for spiral ducting. The company is a UK-based approved Kingspan delivery partner, with fully equipped fabrication workshops located in Surrey.

Insulduct has installed specialist machinery to produce the grooved Kooltherm panels that can be formed into a circular duct wrap.

The business also manufactures all the associated bends and tees, cut to the correct size of duct required.

Why choose Koolterm wrap-around insulation? Apart from a smooth straight-line appearance, Kooltherm also off ers superior insulation value, which requires only half the thickness of conventional foil faced mineral insulation to conform with BS 5422. Installation time is vastly reduced because all sections are supplied correctly sized for the duct, so there is no cutting required on site. Kooltherm FM Duct Insulation, and its rigid thermoset insulation core, are Class 0 as defi ned by the Building Regulations 73.


Airedale’s Barkell has launched an extended range of heat recovery units, the Therm-X MVHR range, designed to provide intelligent, clean and comfortable ventilation and boasting a heat recovery effi ciency of up to 93%.

The Therm-X Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery Range (MVHR) is a compact, packaged plug and play solution off ering fresh air ventilation with heat recovery in horizontal or vertical installations. The range benefi ts from high heat recovery effi ciency of up to 93% with a near silent operation, making it perfect for small commercial applications, schools, retail and small offi ces. Highly effi cient, the Therm-X range is fully compliant with Part L of the UK Building Design Regulations and with the Ecodesign Directive 2018.

The range has optional integrated electric post heater, integrated electric post heater, LPHW coil, change over coil (heating and cooling) or direct expansion (DX) coil as well as an extensive range of complimentary ancillaries for installation and control. Each system comes complete with Modbus compatible touchscreen controls.


GI Industrial has launched the new Aqua Plus Easy chiller range.The air cooled Aqua Plus Easy range with scroll compressors, operating on R410A has been designed in line with the energy efficient requirements of the ErP Ecodesign Directive. The Aqua Plus Easy offers to the market an even more competitive solution while maintaining the key characteristics and flexibility of the existing Aqua Plus range. The range consists of four models covering cooling capacity from 65kW to 180kW and is available in two versions, CHA/K/E – cooling only – and CHA/K/E/SSL – super-silenced cooling only. Features include a self-supporting galvanized steel frame

protected with polyester powder painting; scroll compressors with oil sight glass, fitted with internal overheat protection and crankcase heater, installed on rubber shock absorbers; axial fans directly coupled to a three-phase electric motor with external rotor; a condenser made up of a finned coil with copper pipes and aluminium fins; and evaporator of AISI 316 stainless steel braze welded plate type, with one circuit on the refrigerant side and one on the water side in 252-P to 342-P models.


Energy effi ciency and pull-down performance are the main strengths of Heez, Carel’s solution for refrigerated merchandisers that exploits the continuous modulation of variable-

capacity rotary compressors (DC inverter), combined with an advanced control system with self-adaptive and machine learning algorithms. At the heart of this solution are propane compressors with DC rotary technology designed by Qin’an - an AVIC Group company with decades of experience in the development of rotary DC inverter compressors - based on Carel’s specifi cations in terms of performance, reliability and operating conditions. These compressors are part of the Orione series, premiered at Mostra Convegno Expocomfort with a signifi cant extension of capacities and operating conditions to meet the needs of low storage temperatures.

The Heez solution for high effi ciency plug-in units expands the

fi eld of application by making the adoption of new technologies more competitive, so as to comply with new energy and environmental regulations coming into force across the world.

46 July 2018

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