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Johnson Controls has launched the Sabroe SMC Mk 5 reciprocating compressor. Numerous valuable updates have been implemented in the SMC compressor, including the option of a unit without oil separator, providing smaller footprint and a lower unit cost. The main specifi cations of the SMC Mk 5 are extended service life over the entire operating range (+25%); load-based service option, providing further extension of service life; confi guration without oil separator, meaning a smaller footprint at a lower cost; 20% capacity boost achieved by changing the shaft speed from 1500 rpm to 1800 rpm; optimised for variable speed with single-beam design, off ering skip-free regulation over the entire speed range; no demand for top cover cooling under the most common conditions. The Sabroe SMC Mk 5 sets new standards for reciprocating compressors in length of service intervals, effi ciency and reliability.


LG has introduced its new Multi V M – a split compressor and heat exchanger unit for indoor installation.

Multi V M is a hidden VRF system for complete indoor installation, available as a module type installation that has signifi cant benefi ts. These include the provision of an increased freedom of design, as additional structure or ceiling construction are not needed; far easier maintenance as both the compressor and heat exchanger units are compact and lightweight – the compressor is 580mm x 700mm x 500mm and 69kg, and the heat exchanger is 1,562mm x 460mm x 688mm and 84kg; and lower noise when compared to an integrated type of installation.

The target market for this new introduction by LG is any installation where it is diffi cult to fi nd roof space for the external units or on, for example, a fi rst fl oor building with restrictions on external units being mounted on the walls. Multi V M off ers a selection of high fl exibility installation options combined with quiet operation and high effi ciency with an EER of 3.40. The combined unit provides a rated capacity of 14kW for heating and 14kW for cooling.


Panasonic’s Aquarea Smart Cloud control system has been updated with a new platform set to transform the delivery of service by enabling full remote maintenance of Aquarea solutions. The

new Aquarea Service Cloud allows heating and cooling specialists to engage in predictive maintenance and remote system fi ne-tuning via a simple and intuitive user interface.

The Aquarea Service Cloud solution sets a precedent for the industry by removing restrictions that can often tie customers to a specifi c maintenance company. The platform lets customers decide who will carry out essential maintenance and gives installers the opportunity to increase their competitive service off ering.

The Service Cloud is a support tool which allows HVAC professionals to quickly and easily complete commissioning and maintenance tasks, making valuable technical information stored in the cloud database available at their fi ngertips. This method simplifi es maintenance work on-site by helping installers to identify issues ahead of their visit, saving time and reducing costs. With an error log function now installed, problems with the system can be fi xed before they are issued to the customer. If a problem is detected, the service cloud notifi es the maintenance company with a malfunction warning immediately.


Vilter Manufacturing has engineered a new portfolio of products which will leverage Emerson’s experience with CO2

in the global commercial

market for industrial use. The products support the eff ort to help reduce ammonia in the cold storage space. Ammonia can be toxic and has complex safety management requirements. Ammonia leaks can also ruin products or, worse, harm people. The use of alternate refrigerants with low global warming potential (GWP) allows for a more sustainable and safe cold chain.

Thomas Hoopes, business development director for Emerson’s Commercial and Residential Solutions platform, said: “This new Vilter suite of products is meant to help reduce operating costs for our customers while also helping to further sustainability initiatives. By incorporating the use of an ammonia CO2

cascade system, we are

providing superior effi ciency while helping to remove ammonia from the occupied space and product.”

Of particular relevance to the UK market is the MicroVission controller, a scalable addition to the Vission 20/20 product line for use with any Vilter reciprocating compressor.

48 July 2018

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