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atlas Citation

Atlas is the technology platform from Citation that has built to support clients with all aspects of Health & Safety. Easy to use and intuitive, it’s the home of everything from policies, through to managing risk assessments, handling reports and analysing data.

Atlas gives daily task reminders, helpful hints and tips, updates and training. Atlas has been designed in collaboration with Citation’s client base to ensure it delivers exactly what clients want from an online tool.

Perfect for those who are busy running their business, Atlas is available on mobile, tablet and desktop, so it can be used on the go.

It makes it simple and easy for clients to create a safe and

legally compliant work environment with systems, policies and procedures that are guaranteed to be in line with legislation and updated in real time when guidelines change. In short, it takes problems and administrative challenges away.

Citation’s CTO, Paul Lillico, says: “Taking a fresh approach to the minefield that is compliance, Atlas is cutting edge and a landmark moment for Citation and our clients. By listening to our clients, we established that business owners and managers felt ‘bogged down’ with legislation and lost too much time trying to understand what their obligations were when it came to health and safety and their employees.

“Atlas immediately delivers expert advice to clients’ fingertips enabling them to gain control and visibility of their resources and manage their duty of care and health and safety responsibilities efficiently.”

atlas iFlex Barrier A-Safe

A-SAFE’s Atlas barriers have been designed to meet, and go beyond, the most stringent airport safety and protection standards. Originally invented for Heathrow Airport, the flexible, ultra-strong barriers have been specifically developed to withstand the high impact loadings caused by collisions from fully laden baggage tugs and airport trucks. Unlike steel or other rigid barriers, Atlas barriers are made from a unique, shock-absorbing material called Memaplex.

Exclusive to A-SAFE, Memaplex has a built-in memory and inherent strength that allows it to flex, absorb impact forces, and then reform to its original shape instead of bending or buckling. These qualities mean floors, vehicles and barriers are less likely to be damaged when impacted, resulting in dramatic reductions in maintenance costs and down time, and maximum safety for people and property.

Atlas barriers are installed at several of the world’s busiest airports including Heathrow, Gatwick, Frankfurt, Brussells, Charles De Gaulle, Manchester, Geneva and Dublin, to name a few. The unrivalled quality offered by the barriers makes them ideal for safeguarding pedestrians as well as protecting expensive airport equipment and structures from the damage caused by vehicles and other impacting objects.

Atlas barrier units are purpose-designed to provide incredible protection for all areas of an airport including baggage halls, piers, charging units, floodlights, masts, buildings and equipment. They are key in preventing damage to vulnerable structures and the resulting impact on airport logistics and safety. They also provide first-class guidance for vehicles and create clear walkways for pedestrians to keep them from danger. VOTE NOW 9

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