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MiNitec aluMiNiuM proFile systeM MiniTec

MiniTec UK design and manufacture a modular aluminium profile system which can be used to construct a diverse range of systems and products.

Probably the most common solution is the machine guard or cage essential for workforce safety. The Machinery Safety Directive EN ISO 13849-1 places an obligation on both machinery designer and operator to ensure that equipment is fitted with adequate safeguards to protect machine operators, and any other staff working in the vicinity of such machinery. The safety guards and cages not only protect the operator from hazardous moving equipment but also act as “retainers” to protect product from flying off the equipment thus causing potential damage to both equipment and staff.

Thanks to the modular design the system can be assembled easily on site with only the minimum of effort and tools. The profiles are fixed together using standard M8 fasteners which makes disassembly and relocation of the construction, if required, simple and low cost.

Another very popular requirement is for ergonomically designed assembly lines and workstations. Not only is the safety and long term well-being of the workforce protected but carefully thought out installations will contribute to making an operation more effective and productive.

The safe handling and transportation of heavy items is a major concern for all operations today. The MiniTec modular profile system lends itself perfectly to the construction of, for example, transfer systems to move heavy items around the operation.

Mxpro 5 Advanced

MxPro 5 is a multiprotocol fire panel. It enjoys a reputation for performance, quality and ease- of-use and has been installed across the UK and beyond in some of the most prestigious and challenging locations.

The MxPro 5 range is approved to EN54-2,4 &13 and comes in one to eight loop variants as standard, with further custom-build options available. It is easily configured into high speed, 200 panel peer- peer networks, covering huge areas and tens of thousands of field devices.

The range includes high performance repeaters and remote control terminals with a range of different control and indicating options, including Advanced’s TouchControl touchscreen repeater that features Active Maps and zone plans.

A wide range of peripheral cards that make MxPro 5 customisable for almost any application are available via the panel or as networked devices. It also supports BMS integration, internet control and monitoring, ESPA fire paging for engineers or the hard of hearing and many more solutions. It includes as standard superior diagnostics, including an on-board oscilloscope that makes fault- finding simple. The panel is supported by a suite of easy-to-use software tools for configuration, servicing and control that increase its usability and flexibility.

MxPro 5 supports four loop protocols: Argus, Apollo, Hochiki and Nittan and also comes with Advanced’s best in class false alarm management solution, AlarmCalm, as standard. To ensure the system is as open as possible Advanced offers free support and training to all installers and users. 18 VOTE NOW

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