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NoraplaN® nora®

ultra grip

noraplan® ultra grip is a PVC-free safety floor covering with very low slip potential in both dry and wet conditions. It has been tested according to the high requirements of the British TRRL Pendulum test and has excellent slip resistant properties, 36+ low potential for slip in wet and dry areas - R11 according to DIN 51 130. Easy to clean and competitively priced.

To prevent falls, or at least minimise their consequences, the floor covering as well as being slip- resistant must also be extremely resilient. Rubber floor coverings from nora® systems offer an ideal solution for all types of facilities. Their matt refractive structure prevents visual irritation such as reflections, which can help to prevent falls. However, since falls cannot always be avoided in spite of numerous preventive measures, the floor covering has to absorb the energy of an impact as much as possible to prevent serious injuries. The four millimetres thick noraplan acoustic rubber coverings absorb more force of an impact (almost 50%) than other resilient floor coverings. This means that the force of a fall on the hip can be reduced by practically half.

nora® systems offers a diverse range of environmentally friendly floor coverings. Rubber flooring is fast becoming one of the first choices for resilient flooring, with strong eco credentials, low maintenance, long lifecycle it is widely becoming recognised as the best long-term solution for contract flooring projects including schools, hospitals, airports, retail, leisure and transportation.

pd985 digital MoBile radio (dMr) Hytera

In a critical situation, you need a radio that can deliver safety, security and reliability. Meet the PD985 Digital Mobile Radio (DMR), a recent addition to the already versatile portfolio of radio communications provider Hytera.

The PD985 offers exceptional audio experience, noise cancellation technology and a broad array of additional enhanced features to improve user efficiency and safety.

The Man Down option will let you know if the radio has been tilted at a certain angle. This may happen for instance, if the radio user has fallen over or is unconscious or injured. At this angle, or if the phone is horizontal, the alarm will trigger after a warning is issued to the user.

The Lone Worker feature has a timer in the radio which measures inactivity. If the timer goes over, a warning is issued, and if there is no response, the alarm is triggered.

The PD985 comes with an emergency button. This button can be programmed so that when depressed it raises an alarm to the base station or to other radios. The identity of the person issuing the alarm is shown to devices with display.

With lone workers, a GPS signal can help locate the person who has issued the alarm or who is in a “man down” situation.

When you need exceptional digital communications, think Hytera. 20 VOTE NOW

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