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The hand-held SV110 is designed for verification of machine sensors as well as on-site checks of human vibration accelerometers, in accordance to ISO 8041.

Specially developed for in-situ calibration checks of hand-arm vibration meters mounted on hand or tool, the robust SV110 is ideal for use with Svantek’s popular SV103 and SV106 instruments.

With its compact design, the SV110 enables easy checks of sensors. Depending on the selected frequency (79.58 Hz and 159.2 Hz), the user may select the level of calibration from 1m/s² to 10m/s². Accelerometers are conveniently attached using mounting stud or disc, or via a dedicated adapter.

The calibrator menu provides selection between both metric systems ‘g’ and ‘m/s². The menu is simply operated by three push buttons and small OLED display.

Following the requirements of ISO 8041, the calibrator’s built-in reference accelerometer measures the cross-axis (transverse) vibrations to detect any disturbance to the calibration signal. Faults caused by transverse vibrations are indicated by two LEDs on the calibrator’s outer casing.

This innovative solution ensures stability of both the calibration level and frequency, independent from the mass of the test object.

Svantek’s SV110 portable vibration calibrator boasts built-in rechargeable batteries for 12 hours of continuous operation.

ursosButtoN ANT Telecom

As part of its Alarm Messaging Service (AMS) application, ANT Telecom also offers its lone worker solution the URSOSButton. The button, the size of a key fob, is small and discreet and can connect to an app on the user’s smartphone via Bluetooth from up to 50 metres away. When the button is pressed it will immediately trigger an alert informing colleagues to the incident. The alarm information contains details on who triggered the alert, their GPS location and also a live audio recording of what is taking place at the scene so that colleagues listening in can determine what the best course of action should be.

Sectors to which the UrSOSButton is of particular appeal, include the housing and social housing sectors, as well as education, where teachers can face a series of unpredictable lone worker circumstances. Additionally, the UrSOSButton benefits the healthcare sector, where patients are increasingly being treated in a variety of settings, including the community. Nurses and hospital workers, for example, are able to easily activate the button to send out an amber or red alert to colleagues if they get into a situation in which they feel uncomfortable. The button provides an alternative to the ID card type device some healthcare professionals can carry with them, and gives them more options for carrying it discreetly. With more extended battery life and lower running costs, the UrSOSButton works via their Smartphone via Bluetooth, thus eliminating additional SIM card costs. VOTE NOW 29

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