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aMgards40 Fortress Interlocks’

Fortress Interlocks’ amGardS40 range of rugged, IP69K-rated stainless steel electro-mechanical interlocks and switches are perfect for high purity applications such as food, beverage, pharmaceutical and chemical processing. They are also suitable for outdoor use.

Manufactured from 316 stainless steel and modular in design, they allow for many different configurations to satisfy almost any safeguarding application, allowing customers to purchase modules and build up their ideal safety system over a period of time.

Each module of the amGardS40 has a slim 40mm body allowing it to be easily fitted to a 50mm guarding section, or other areas where space is limited. The range also enables users to incorporate basic machine control functionality into their interlocking devices. All control elements, including push buttons, lamps, selector switches and e-stops are IP69K-rated and can tolerate extreme CIP conditions. This minimises downtime while simplifying the access procedure as ‘gate release/ machine restart’ can be controlled at the point of entry.

As the amGardS40 IP69K range maintains optimal performance even after being repeatedly hosed down by high-pressure washers and subjected to harsh CIP chemical cleaning agents, it helps manufacturers achieve a high Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE) rating. It also allows electrical engineers to rest easy, knowing that machinery will not experience constant interruptions due to electrical failures as a result of dust and/or food waste penetrating the casing of the safety switches.

apollo 600 SEAWARD

Seaward’s latest generation portable appliance tester incorporates an extended range of data logging features to enable users to more effectively record the results of non-electrical workplace health and safety tests and inspections.

The Apollo 600 PAT incorporates a ‘customer inspection’ form for the creation of user-defined checklists for the logging of details for a wide range of workplace health and safety equipment, systems and conditions.

The upgraded Apollo 600 also enables barcoding to be used as part of any workplace test and inspection routines, speeding the identification of different items of equipment, streamlining test and inspection processes and ensuring that consistent checks are carried out no matter who carries out the work.

In operational terms, configuration data for different items of equipment can also now be uploaded to the tester to enable bespoke test lists to be used in dropdown menus, prompting quicker testing and greater consistency of captured data.

Compatibility with the new data logging features is also incorporated in a new release of the PATGuard 3 results management software, meaning that comprehensive health and safety workplace reports can be generated, with all retests scheduled alongside those electrical items requiring periodic PAT testing.

The Apollo 600 multipurpose tester meets the requirements of the latest IET Code of Practice.

The tester also includes a risk assessment tool to determine suggested re-test periods and an integral digital camera to enable images taken during inspection and testing to be tagged in equipment records. 8 VOTE NOW

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