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Falco Fixed Voc MoNitors ION Science

Ion Science’s Falco series of fixed continuous VOC (volatile organic compound) monitors have been designed for the on-going protection of workers operating in potentially hazardous industrial environments, such as refineries, petrochemical plants and laboratories.

Incorporating ‘typhoon’ technology for added reliability, Falco is specially designed to work in condensing atmospheres and extreme weather conditions.

Falco boasts fast response times and several innovative design features. The instrument’s ‘typhoon’ technology prevents condensation forming on the sensor and removes the risk of the system short circuiting - making it ideal for use in harsh weather conditions.

The new PID (photoionisation detector) is simple to operate while an externally located, IS (intrinsically safe) sensor facilitates quick and easy servicing without the need for a hot work permit.

Falco is operated via an user interface with OLED display and five magnetically activated switches – up, down, left, right and enter – which are back lit to help confirm the correct button is being pressed.

There are eight models in the Falco series offering detection ranges as low as 0 - 10ppm with ppb sensitivity or as high as 0 - 10,000ppm. Customers can upgrade to a unit with a higher detection capacity by purchasing a different electrode and simply recalibrating.

FlaMepro Berendsen Workwear

Berendsen’s FlamePro range of comfortable, co-ordinated flame and spark-resistant workwear is offered in a variety of styles and fittings. Suitable for tradesmen and tradeswomen working in fields such as welding, smelting and construction, this industrial laundry-friendly working garment range includes trousers, jackets, bib, brace and coveralls, all designed for complete wearer protection.

For individuals operating at night, in darker working environments or where there is a risk of collision with moving vehicles, such as at ports or in warehouses, the FlamePro+ range includes jackets, trousers and coveralls with reflective bands. Both the FlamePro and FlamePro+ garment ranges meet appropriate European and international standards for personal protective equipment designed for use in heat and flame, welding, antistatic and electric arc environments.

FlamePro and FlamePro+ garments provide full protection while also offering comfort for the wearer, ensuring adequate ventilation and maximum freedom of movement.

All garments are guaranteed to retain their flame and spark resistance and reflective qualities after many industrial laundering cycles. Moreover, the materials used are wrinkle resistant and colourfast, while all seams and pockets are constructed to stay flat following a wash cycle.

Managing workwear is a complex task. Responsible companies wishing to ensure the safety of their employees and compliance with relevant industry standards and regulations can take advantage of Berendsen’s fully managed workwear provision, offering site surveys, garment recommendations, as well as repair and laundering support services. VOTE NOW 13

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