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sure™ Diversey Care

SURE™ is a range of plant-based cleaning products from Diversey Care designed for safe and sustainable cleaning, delivering the power of nature from trusted experts.

SURE delivers superior professional results while being safe for people and kind to the environment. With environmentally-friendly ingredients from renewable resources, SURE products meet all daily requirements for kitchens, facilities and personal care. Products are formulated to provide the lowest hazard classification and highest safety.

SURE supports businesses that want to adopt – and be seen to adopt – the highest levels of sustainability across their cleaning operations. Many businesses now recognise the benefits of sustainable and effective cleaning to improve guest and employee satisfaction ratings, enhance brand reputation, and ensure consistent cleaning performance.

The SURE range is formulated without ingredients that could negatively impact human health. The environmentally-friendly ingredients are from renewable resources and absolutely nothing artificial: no artificial dyes, perfumes, quats, chlorine, phosphates or oxide compounds. Raw materials are extracted from by-products of the agro-food industry, turning waste into useful cleaning products. Be SURE with natural cleaning products that provide safety and sustainability without compromising performance.

SURE represents Diversey Care’s global commitment to providing professional cleaning products that meet strict demands for efficacy, together with respect for the environment and human health. Superior performance is guaranteed by rigorous testing, and is based on the company’s expertise and global experience in developing market-leading cleaning solutions for over 90 years.

surVisor BMs Survisor

Asset management software by Survisor provides efficiencies for mapping buildings and asset infrastructure, facilities maintenance reporting and complete health & safety compliance.

Survisor is an image-driven building management system, which provides users with an instant overview or specific details about the condition of their buildings and facilities. The Survisor system is also a portable data capture and retrieval system based on audited mapped assets, which will revolutionise the way buildings, plant and facilities are managed.

Data retrieval is based on visual navigation and the latest touch-screen technology, using interactive floor plans to provide complex data about any number of building assets and services for health and safety checking and reporting, building maintenance or any other requirements.

The system is the culmination of years of development, working closely with architects, surveyors, buildings managers and IT experts, to design the best possible solution for retrieving accurate information about building stock and mission-critical assets, on demand.

The information navigation provides a straight-forward and innovative solution for real-time condition monitoring, as well as diagnostic capability for scheduling checks to specific critical areas.

An audit trail for inspections and insurance, a more comprehensive picture and more efficient management of building stock, as well as a fool-proof system providing accurate and on-time data for maintenance, inspections and replacement planning is also part of the system.


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