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slipgrip® staNdard Fibregrid

SlipGrip® Standard from FibreGrid, producer of anti-slip flooring products, is the most affordable GRP range to date, with prices starting from as little as £11.40 per stair tread and £38.00 per flat sheet.

With falls, slips and trips accounting for the majority of employee injuries, a floor covering suitable for a wide variety of applications and traffic flows is crucial for a safe work place, and now the SlipGrip® Standard provides a very affordable solution.

Perfect for those with budget limitations, or those just looking for a temporary anti slip solution, the Standard range is not only affordable but maintains the high quality standards of the FibreGrid SlipGrip® range.

Available in a black flat sheet, or as a step cover in black with yellow nosing, this GRP provides a chemical resistant, hard wearing surface, ideal for more hazardous areas. Application is by drilling with mechanical fixing or by SlipGrip® FibreBond Tape.

stokoderM® grip pure Deb

Stokoderm® Grip PURE is a pre-work hand protection cream that has been specifically formulated to improve grip in damp conditions. The product has a unique dual action formula: it protects the hands of workers from moderate to heavy contamination, while also helping to strengthen the skin.

Stokoderm® Grip PURE is suitable for a wide range of working environments where varying types of both water and non-water based contaminants are encountered. It contains Eucoriol®, a skin protectant that helps tighten and strengthen the upper layer of the skin, reducing swelling when working in wet or damp conditions and making the skin more resistant to abrasion.

As a general purpose pre-work cream, Stokoderm® Grip PURE helps to protect the skin against contact with various workplace contaminants, irritants and working conditions. Health & Safety Executive guidelines advise that pre-work creams should be made available to workers whose skin is exposed to hazardous substances.

Stokoderm® Grip PURE contains a trio-complex of skin caring ingredients – a blend of emollients, conditioners and moisture-binding ingredients – which works to retain skin moisture and flexibility. This does not only make the skin feel more comfortable; it also keeps it moist and flexible, helping to prevent cracks.

Perfume-free and dye-free, Stokoderm® Grip PURE helps reduce the likeliness of having allergic reaction or skin irritation. It is ideal for persons suffering from allergies and suitable for sensitive, eczema-prone, and stressed skin. VOTE NOW 27

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