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BaNaNa coNe IVo Group

The BananaCone from iVo is an incredibly effective way to increase awareness of slip and trip hazards, and also to introduce a bit of fun into your health and safety.

They really do work – you just need to take a look at the detailed study comparing the effectiveness of different signs.

In this study, conducted by Patricia G. Jortberg Ph.D, it is found that the standard A-board type of caution sign only catches the attention of 2% of people. In contrast, the Banana Cone was 22 times more effective!

This is a huge difference – surely any responsible health & safety manager would want to look very carefully at using the Banana Cones to improve their slips, trips and falls record.

The study states that prior research shows that novelty (including shape and colour) gains more attention, and pre-existing knowledge aids in the delivery of the message. Pre-existing knowledge of the banana peel slip is the root cause for “Banana Cones” to significantly outperform all other products in tests for safety perception.

Download the report now by visiting or the download page here.

BoNasysteMs grip Bonasystems

Bonasystems Grip is the market-leading anti-slip treatment for tiles, stone and other cementitious surfaces. By microscopically altering the substrate, the treatment promotes increased wet slip resistance in two ways: first, the heel has a greater surface area in contact with the surface, second, more water is dispersed away from the heel.

Traditionally, the two options for increasing slip resistance on these types of surface are etching and coatings. Bonasystems Grip has advantages over both: the slip resistance produced by an etching process does not last and is extremely difficult to keep clean; Bonasystems Grip comes with a five- year guarantee. Coatings will typically alter the aesthetics of the floor and will wear away over time; Bonasystems Grip is actually part of the floor itself.

The treatment has been independently certified by independent experts, Lucideon, and is recommended – alongside Bonasystems’ wider suite of slip risk management services – by many insurers.

In one of the UK’s busiest shopping centres, where various other treatments were trialled and failed, Bonasystems Grip has given a sustainable slip risk management solution for four years and counting

In a 2,000 site pub / restaurant chain, the number of slip accidents fell by over 55% after the use of Bonasystems Grip

Recently, in a 50,000 room hotel chain, application of Bonasystems Grip in a hotel’s bath tubs saw slips fall from six per month on average to zero in the first nine months 10 VOTE NOW

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