F-TYPEEC Forum to be intergrated into XKEC Forum AS MENTIONED IN my editorial this month, due to the current lack of use of the F-Type forum we have decided it would be more beneficial to incorporate it into the XKEC one making it a forum for dual purpose. Forum Admistrator Phil Dyson is currently working on that idea and hopefully this will take place within the next few months. This will save a lot of duplicate input across the two existing forums and hopefully will increase the active involvement for our F- TypeEC members many of whom are now attending our events. I will of course keep you informed of progress.

Four new Regional Officers apointed A VERY WARM welcome to our newly appointed Regional Officers. I hope you will give them your full support at local meets. Derek Hill (East Anglia) Charles Henderson (Yorkshire) Teresa Ironside (Scotland) Martin Brown (Wales) No longer a “Forum only” membership option IN ORDER TO simplify our membership process we have decided that with effect

Intergration of F-T

from 1st August 2016 there will NO LONGER be a “Forum-Only” type membership option. This means that members who are either joining or renewing will now only be able to join/renew as a FULL paying member ONLY. Those members who currently have the “Forum-Only” type membership can happily remain as a forum-only member until such time that their membership is up for renewal. They will then need to decide whether to renew as a full member or not.

Jaguar World magazine – Special XK Supplement SOME OF OUR members were interviewed and photographed at our 2016 GROWLER XIII event at Stanford Hall in order to be part of a special

supplement article that is now being shown in the latest September issue of Jaguar World magazine (out now).

Included in the supplement is an club

advert along with many mentions of the XKEC itself. This issue will be a great publicity promotion for the club, so let’s hope it attracts many more new members. Even our very own James Parks and member Paul Spencer’s XKs are shown on the cover.

F-TYPE following increase: From left, F-Type

Event trophy winners past and present I THOUGHT IT would be nice to have somewhere on our forum a section where our trophy winners past and present could show off an image of their trophy and where it now sits in their home/garage etc. If you have one (or more) then perhaps you could show a pic or two and mention what you won, the year you won it and at what event. Everyone can then see what different trophies we have given out over the years. You will find the topic under “Club Contacts and General Conversation on XKEC”.

Proposed Ireland Tour 2 – 4 June 2017 XKEC MEMBER NEIL Silverthorne is arranging a Members - Only tour of Northern Ireland on 2nd-4th June 2017. Activities will include visiting The Titanic

Experience an F-TYPE around the infamous Nurburgring

JAGUAR’S NEW, 200mph-capable supercar and the world’s most demanding race circuit, the famous Nürburgring Nordschleife, are now available to be experienced together with the launch of the ‘Jaguar Co-Pilot Nordschleife’ programme. This programme offers visitors the opportunity to experience the thrill of Jaguar’s fastest-ever series production car from the passenger seat around the 12.94-mile circuit. Customers booking their place for a flying lap in the F-TYPE SVR will be


amongst the first to experience its power, speed and enhanced dynamics package. Before each passenger ride begins, all Co- Pilots are equipped with a race suit and helmet plus HANS (Head and Neck Support) system to ensure maximum safety out on the track. To capture the memorable experience, on-board cameras are mounted inside the

F-TYPE SVR so that passengers can relive the excitement of their adventure at the Nordschleife circuit. Jaguar Land Rover’s Special Vehicle

Operations department has fitted the F-TYPE SVR with a roll cage, Recaro Racing seats, race harnesses for occupant safety and an unmistakable bespoke livery on bright Firesand Orange metallic paint.

Passenger laps in the unique Jaguar F-TYPE SVR are available for 16 consecutive weekends from now until the end of October. The price for the 30- minute passenger thrill ride is €295 per person and can be booked at

Picture: Jamie Mathlin

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