removed you now need to remove the instrument panel, this was made easier by removing the wood trim around the right hand vent as two of the fixings lie behind it. This is a very simple job as the trim will pull straight off. Before you remove the Instrument Panel prepare a clear space to work on it as you need to be careful when removing the back and connector, picture 8.

Try to remove the connector to the temperature gauge with your fingers, gently work it back and forth and it will come loose, pictures 9, 10 and 11. Follow the instructions carefully when

refitting the instrument panel and make sure the cables are not dragging on the connectors of the Real Gauge computer. I later found some self-adhesive cable tie mounts which would of made life easier. You now need to tap into the cables of both the yellow and black connectors at the base of the instrument panel. Again care is required to fit the cable taps it may be worth practicing. At first I didn’t think that the Cable Taps were very robust but once you read up about them on line they are used in various situations with good results. I fitted the Remote Roof Consul three years ago with them and have not had any problems so far. Try to stagger the Taps, this will make it easier to tidy them away when replacing the cable and connector, pictures 12 and 13. Once all connected back together

reconnect the battery and test the gauges before fitting any trim. If you are fitting the pressure gauge you will need to access the yellow connector again so it’s advisable not to cable tie it together

Pressure gauge option

This time you will need to get under the car and a drip tray is required, only a small amount of oil will be lost. The pressure gauge is situated alongside the oil filter to the right front of the engine and below the air box. I found that a 13/16 Spark Plug socket fitted perfectly and it came undone very easily. Before you remove the pressure gauge try to gain a bit of slack cable by pulling out the fixing that is holding it seen on the left of picture 14.

Once you have fitted the Pressure Gauge adapter, picture 15. Plug in the cable and follow the instructions and route the cable around the engine bay to avoid any moving parts. I used some self-adhesive cable tie mounts at one point to tidy the cable up, picture 16.


put together. With the wood trim

Ensure a clear and 8 safe place to work

Pressure gauge 14 and cable

9 Connecter removed

Adapter and new 15 switch fitted

13 Neatly tucked away 19 Gromet alongside ECU

18 Wire pull through (1)

Cable route upto 22 Triple Gauge cluster

21 Cable route

You will need to remove the cover at the base of the windscreen to gain access to the grommet inside the ECU compartment. This looks daunting but is in fact just eight screws, picture 17. This is where I changed the pull-through and used a coat hanger wire to pull the cable through to the passenger side of the car, pictures 18, 19 and 20, as this made for a smaller joint between the wire and cable. Then my route took me over the glove box to under the Triple Gauge cluster and along to the instrument panel to be plugged into the

Real Gauge computer fitted previously, pictures 21 and 22. Excess cable can be tidied away to the left of the passenger foot- well. You will now have to pull out four cables

from the Yellow connector (these had been fitted earlier when installing the Triple Gauge cable) and fit them into a plug to be connected to the Real Gauge computer. Colour coding and positioning in the plug are very important. Removing the pins from the yellow connector is covered in the instructions, pictures 23 and 24.

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