➥E-type and class C honours (and a

third place overall) went to Andy Wallace driving Nigel Webb’s 1955 Jaguar D-type. Andy of course famously co-drove the Jaguar XJR-9 to victory in the 1988 Le Mans race and the winning car, which is part of the Trust’s collection, was sent out to Le Mans to be displayed in front of the JLR Classic hospitality unit and to take part in a special 100 – car Jaguar parade on the Saturday.

It was joined in this adventure by the unique Jaguar XJ13 from 1966 which was originally conceived as a successor to the D-type – to continue Jaguar’s winning ways at the Le Mans 24 Hours. A victim of timing and changing regulations, the XJ13 never raced in period despite its incredible pace, but it was fitting that it should make a return to the Le Mans circuit (where it has been run twice before) in its 50th anniversary year. Both the XJR-9 and the XJ13 threaded their way through the crowds during the Saturday lunch period to join the 98 other Jaguars, old and new, being lined up for the special parade lap.

The honour of piloting the XJ13 fell to Michael Quinn, grandson of Jaguar founder William Lyons and a patron of JDHT.


Artefacts is perhaps one of the less well- known areas of the Trust’s activity. Along with the car collection and the extensive archive of company records, documents, books, brochures, images etc. the Trust has also acquired over the years an impressive range of artefacts both large and small. These encompass paintings and artworks, sculptures, model cars, trophies, badges and emblems, signage and even full size sectioned engines, gearboxes and axles!

Many of these items used to be on display in the former Jaguar Heritage museum at Browns Lane and some are still on public view. At the Coventry Transport Museum there is a display case of items from William Lyons’ office and in the Jaguar zone at the BMM are four large cabinets containing trophies and other memorabilia from the four key

34 GROWLER SEPTEMBER 2016 Jaguars, old and new

Honour: Michael Quinn, grandson of William Lyons drove the XJ13

from the Silk Cut sponsorship era, and this suit will complement the Trust’s Le Mans winning XJR-9 from 1988. ● Lyons-Charbonnieres Rally – March 1952. Original factory poster. Red and black printing. Celebrating Jaguar’s 1st, 2nd and 3rd places in the Unlimited Class.

periods in Jaguar’s motorsport history. However, just as with the car collection, the Trust is always on the lookout for suitable acquisitions to enhance its artefact collection. An opportunity to do this occurred earlier in the year with the Jaguar Automobilia Collector 2015/2016 Distant Auction run by renowned expert Ian Cooling. A number of interesting items were identified from the catalogue by archivist Faye McLeod who then, with the permission of the Trustees of course, entered bids!

A tense few weeks followed waiting for

the results to come through (as the auction is run on the basis of sealed bids), but we were delighted to hear that we had been successful in securing a number of items that will fill important gaps in our collection. Some of these are listed below with a brief description of each: ● Alain Ferte’s 1989 race suit. Made by Stand 21. Sponsor logos are: Silk Cut/Jaguar on chest and back, Silk Cut/ Jaguar, Castrol, Goodyear and TRW on sleeves and Silk Cut at throat. The Trust didn’t have anything similar

Although not such a well-known rally, this poster will add to the Trust’s existing collection from the 1950s. ● A unique original Roy Nockolds preliminary sketch of Mike Hawthorn’s D-type pursued by Fangio’s 300SLR Mercedes at Le Mans in 1955. Pencil and gouache.

This is the preliminary work

for one of the best paintings in the Trust’s collection (which includes several other by Nockolds). ● The ‘Prince Michael’ mascot. A white metal replica of the special mascot fitted to SS 100 (CKV 250) when the car was presented to the then Prince Michael of Romania. in 1937. The presentation was by the officers of the Royal Romanian Air Force on the occasion of the Prince’s 17th birthday.

As the original mascot is still fitted to a

car, a good replica makes a sensible addition to the Trust’s extensive collection of Jaguar mascots.

© Jaguar Heritage Trust – July 2016

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