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ITS CERTAINLY BEEN a busy few months attending many of the Summer

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shows around the country with our two clubs. It’s been great to see atttendance records being broken at our more larger shows and also seeing the regional numbers increasing with the influx of new recently appointed Regional Officers. We have now recruited new ROs in Scotland, Wales and Yorkshire helping us to promote the club to the much more Northern related areas and also a new one in East Anglia to enhance the Norfolk/Suffolk contingents. We are always on the lookout for more ROs so if you live in an area that is maybe not well promoted then why not come forward. I am pleased to say that our forum

remains our best communication tool amongst our members and Forum Administrator Phil Dyson continues to improve its efficiency and user friendliness. Due to the current lack of use of the F-Type forum we have decided it

would be more beneficial to incorporate it into the XKEC one making it a forum for dual purpose. Phil is currently working on that idea and hopefully this will take place within the next few months. This will save a lot of duplicate input across the two existing forums and hopefully will increase the usage for F-Type members in seeing what the XKEC is all about and how it is run. One major change that you should be made aware of is that with effect from 1 August I have decided to take away the FORUM-ONLY membership from the XKEC membership options. Good or bad, this decison was made to simplify matters across the two clubs and to help make administration procedures that much simplier. So please bear that in mind when your membership comes up for renewal. So that’s it for this issue, enjoy the magazine as always and don’t forget if you have a story to tell then send it in and we will do our best to publish it. Thanks for all your support as always and see you at a show very soon.

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