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Executive Editor Joan Cohen

Dear Dorothy, In your article on Manitoba magicians,

there was an omission of James Cielen. He was an International Brotherhood of Magicians Gold Medal recipient in Boston 1988. Tis was the third time the gold medal was awarded, and he was the first Canadian recipient and the only Manitoban. James graduated from the University of Manitoba with a Commerce Honours degree, but the following years, travelling through Europe and Asia, solidified his career as a magician. James lived on Wallingford Cres., the same street that Darcy Oake later grew up on. He had attended Garden City Collegiate at the same time as Brian Glow, and was a close friend of Dean Gunnarson. James belonged to the Man- itoba Magic Clubs, was a past president, mentored young magicians, did corporate promotions, travelled throughout Cana- da, did CBC productions, as well as the usual seasonal and birthday parties – all

Ewa Tarsia works primarily with pigment on canvas; her art, she says, has always been inspired by nature, by the beauty and life radiating from all living things. Born and raised in Poland, Ewa settled in Winnipeg in 1991 and was inducted six years later into the Royal Canadian Academy of the Arts.

Forest Dot, Ewa’s art, went on display Nov. 14 in complementary installations at Artis – Naples, Florida. Occupying two galleries of its museum until Jan. 10, the paintings employ a profusion of richly coloured dots in a searching portrayal of the natural magic and life- sustaining complexity of the forest.

Outdoors, strategically set out, are over a dozen of Ewa’s signature, spherical,

6 • Winter 2015

Exhibition Forest Dot runs Nov. 14 to Jan. 10, 2016.

grass-covered dots. My sculpting medium, she explains, is grass: it represents the resilience of nature. For Ewa, the installations invite reflection on humankind’s relation- ship with the natural world, which gave us our first breath but is now threatened by our mismanagement.

while attending university. He was even featured on the cover of the University of Manitoba’s Alumni magazine. James, his wife and two sons reside in

Las Vegas. I assume that since he has been away for so long, he was not listed, even though he has accomplished more than most. Brian Barclay, CJOB, has been on one of the Holland America Cruises that James performed on. For more interesting information you can visit or Tis is just to update your information. You were our Member of Parliament at the time with an extremely busy schedule. Georgina Cielen, Winnipeg

So sorry to overlook this, Georgina. We will make a note to carry your letter in the winter issue of Te Hub. I feel really bad about the oversight. I thought I had caught all of the significant magicians. Best regards, Dorothy Dobbie

Check out Winnipeg artist in Naples, Florida

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