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The British manufactured Knightsbridge from Certikin

features a pre-fabricated fibreglass shell with Part L compliant foam

insulation and comes with any 20 - 100mm fully mosaic tiled finish

The Leisure Pools range is stunning and is distinguished by sharp formal lines and minimalistic designs with particular attention given to functionality

that they hold a large and varied stock of pools at their depot in Milton Keynes. The company have been selling pools to the pool trade since they started trading and now that there are hundreds of fibreglass pools in use, customer demand is steadily increasing. They are now producing a new fibreglass Jetswim pool here in the UK. It is designed as an exercise/lap pool and will be available in a variety of lengths from 4m up to 9m by 2.2m wide. It will also be available as an above- ground pool with the necessary support built in therefore offering a ‘plug and play option’ as an alternative to the traditional swim spa. Jeremy West, Managing Director of Sundance Pools says: “It is an exciting time to be in the one-piece pool market, offering a high quality product that is quick and easy to install with demand rising rapidly. We offer a one-piece solution to the trade backed up by our extensive experience in the field, logistic support and knowledge. We are looking forward to strong trade sales in 2015.”

LEISURE POOLS RELEASES ADAVANCED DESIGNED ONE-PIECE POOLS TO EUROPE Australia’s largest composite swimming pools manufacturer, Leisure Pools, is pleased to offer Europe a ‘Future Look’ into one-piece/ monobloc pools.

The Leisure Pools range is stunning and is distinguished by sharp formal lines and minimalistic designs with particular attention given to functionality. The modern rectangular pools offer beautiful square edged steps that lead into enormous unobstructed areas for swimming and playing.

All Leisure Pools also incorporate Leisure Pools’ Composite Armour™, combining DuPont™ Kevlar®

, Carbon Fibre and Basalt

Fibre and full vinylester construction throughout all layers of the fibreglass. Senior Vice President for Europe and Middle East, Greg Ghalaini explains: “The key difference in a Leisure Pool to any other pool available in Europe and the UK is not just its unique design. Leisure Pools is the only manufacturer currently offering a pool constructed with full vinylester. “The ability to produce a pool with no

70 April 2015 SPN


Added to the Certikin offering in 2014, the Knightsbridge one-piece tiled pool is as exclusive as its name would suggest. Manufactured in Great Britain, it features a pre-fabricated fibreglass shell with Part L compliant foam insulation and comes with any 20 - 100mm fully mosaic tiled finish. A

polyester at a commercially viable price has been the key to our products’ success worldwide. The biggest cause of structural failure in composite structures is osmosis – due mainly to the failure of one or more polyester layers in the pool. As vinylester resins do not succumb to osmosis, removing the polyester removes all risk of osmosis failure. “We believe we must do more than offer a great looking pool. Our continued investment in R&D offers both our dealers and their clients absolute peace of mind. We are pleased to be the only company in Europe so far to offer this in a one-piece pool. Being a newer player in the UK and EU market, it was very important we bring the very latest build techniques to our clients. The common biggest negative to pool buyers against one- piece pools, is the reputation of failure. Blisters, bulging and eventual osmosis are all due to one key factor – failure of polyester layers. Vinylester resins are superior resin to all polyesters. They are impermeable to liquid and resistant to chemicals.”

Though many of the more reputable pool builders use some, or a number of vinylester layers in the build, even just one layer of polyester, does increase the risk of eventual failure. Removing all polyester from the build, also removes all the risk of common failure. In addition to full vinylester build, Leisure Pools offers its Patent Composite Armour Core of Strength. This consists of three hyper fibres: – Du Pont™ Kevlar®

, Carbon

Fibre and Basalt Fibre. The Leisure Pools’ ranges are available in many sizes and six Nuplex® Nuplex®

SMART Gelcoat colour options.

SMART is a patent ECO Gelcoat system, which exhibits strong anti-microbial behaviour that inhibits the growth of algae.

stainless steel perimeter reinforcement gives a super-robust, lifetime structure. Catering for all tastes, skimmer, deck level and cascading pools in 30 different models are available. The Knightsbridge comes fully plumbed and air / water tested with certification prior to dispatch. Its high specification includes LED white or colour changing lights; chrome or stainless steel fittings; optional extras include jets, counter- current, waterfalls and a variety of automatic slatted pool cover designs. A mosaic tiled Vitality Spa can also be integrated to the pool. The Knightsbridge carries a 15 year shell integrity warranty; two year warranty for the mosaic tiling and one year for the shell fittings.


One-piece pools have come a long way in a little over three decades. The pools of yester year were made of a polyester fibreglass with a coloured gel coat (usually light blue). Polyester has several disadvantages mainly due to osmosis (blistering) and problems at temperatures above 26 degrees. Gel coats also fade with UV and chlorine. While there are still manufacturers out there producing these cheaper pools, technology has moved on. Compass Pools pioneered some 30 years ago in the introduction and patent of vinylester and ceramic in their pool shells. This has a much higher temperature resistance and has a 20 year warranty against osmosis. While many have tried to imitate, the patent means an original and tested ceramic pool can only come from Compass. More recently they have seen the introduction of carbon fibre to give immense strength without the use of steel reinforcement that over time can rust. Technology taken from the aerospace and motor sports industries puts Compass truly at the cutting edge. This year’s SPATA pool contractor of the year, XL Pools scooped up seven awards, three of which were for Compass installations. Compass Pools has enabled them to leverage their business whilst maintaining the high standards they expect. Compass Pools is now the largest one-piece

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