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Racketball Open to the public

Located at ORC 884 Southdown Road (905) 823 6869

Healthy Mind Body Spirit

Ready for a new challenge? Check out British Racketball, a fresh new

on-court fix that is quick to learn and easy on the body. What is British Racketball? A hybrid of squash and racketball, British Racketball can be played on a regular squash court. It is similar to squash, but a larger ball and shorter racket are used. The fact that the ball is bigger, more bouncy and does not need warming up means that rallies last longer. The slower moving ball gives the opponent more time to react and get to the next shot. The shorter racket also helps with hand/eye coordination, making the ball easier to strike. Overall, this makes the game easier to pick up than most other racquet sports. British Racketball is said to be "easy to learn yet difficult to master"—one of the key factors in

the sport’s recent growth. The sport is attracting many mature squash players who find the twisting, turning and intensity of squash singles too taxing on the body as they age. British Racketball has also been instrumental in encouraging more young players and women to get on to the squash court. British Racketball equipment is available in ORC’s squash office for members to borrow for a free trial.


I like my work-out. And it seems to be working. Why do I have to change it?

e benefit nutritionally by eating a variety of foods—colours, flavours, textures and varieties.

We keep our brains interested and our minds active with different types of mental stimulation, not by doing the same puzzle or reading the same book over and over again. It is the same with your physical regimen. You need to keep your routine interesting to optimize your workout; not only will you plateau if your routine becomes stale, but you may find it harder to find reasons to continue your training. Variety definitely spices up our lives; to keep your body guessing, you need to do something different every day. Don’t be afraid to change it up. ORC has a variety of programming choices to

keep your body guessing. Group classes, spinning and hot and regular temperature yoga classes, circuit classes and sports activities of tennis and squash. Try something different everyday and keep your muscles and mind challenged.

True or false? Crunches can burn fat off the midsection.

o, physiology knows you can’t spot reduce with exercise. Unfortunately, working muscle in a tar- geted section of the body will not reduce the fat in that spot. Many so called experts try to sell count- less products with these false claims. It just does not work that way, fat needs to be melted off through the metabolic process.


Why is rest such an important part of a healthy lifestyle?


our goal is to train, not to drain. Rest is the time we get stronger not when we are exercis- ing. Exercise is merely the stimulus that triggers the growth and repair response that builds more muscle, increases metabolism and makes you stronger. If you do not rest you will not benefit from the exercise, less is more.

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