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The never-ending beauty of gardening is the constant change and adjustment one must make to enjoy the end result!


with lack of precipitation during the winter months, watering the turf and gardens is now essential. Watering at least once a week is a good idea. You may need to adjust the watering depending upon rainfall and soil type.


have been damaged from insects, weeds, disease or wear. Keep the overseeded area moist by watering several times a day; be careful not to overwater and wash away your hard work. Approximately one week after seeding, reduce watering to once/twice a day until seedlings are established.


to kick-start growth. A blend with a higher phosphorous amount is ideal to help promote strong root growth.

9. MULCHING YOUR GARDEN is very ben-

such as Forsythia, Lilacs, and Rhododendrons should be pruned after blooming is completed.

3. CUT BACK DEAD FOLIAGE on select pe-

rennials and ornamental grasses to promote new growth.

4. ASSESS WINTER DAMAGE or dieback of

plants. Remove the dead and replace or re-assess if something didn’t thrive in its location. Some- times a mini micro-climate can be occurring which affects plant health: light requirements for proper growth (sun or shade), and wind con- ditions in the area are both important.

5. TURF GRASS – de thatch in order to al-

low for improved growth and reduce area for in- sects or disease to harbour. Deep core aeration with a proper core machine helps reduce thatch, improves the air exchange between soil and at- mosphere and allows for improved water flow and fertilizer, reduces compaction and improves rooting of the turf.

eficial as it helps reduce soil erosion, retains moisture and covers exposed roots from drying winds and sun. A mulch layer also reduces the impact of weed growth in the garden. However, be advised that too thick a layer of mulch can also be detrimental to plant health.

The never-ending beauty of gardening is the

constant change and adjustment one must make to enjoy the end result! Once the clean-up has been done, spring is the ideal time to assess your landscape and plan changes to your garden to freshen and update the look, expand patio space or create an outdoor area for bbq’s and fire pits. All of these will significantly enhance and ex- tend your outdoor seasonal experience!

Jim Edick is a second generation expert in land- scaping and property enhancement and is one of the community’s most reputable landscape con- tractors. His business, G. Edick & Sons, is a fam- ily owned and operated a full service landscape company that has been creating and maintaining properties with honesty, integrity and respect for over 60 years.


workout! There are lots of great ways to get involved and have some fun!

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