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line is not a person who loves to come to the gym for the actual exercise. Over the years, she has developed wonderful friendships and enjoys the social aspect of her workout—that is what keeps her motivated to stay on track. Working out with her trainer Teri three times a week (whom she considers a close friend, therapist and life coach too) keeps her in shape between the golf and ski seasons. Her daughter, Caroline, plays tennis in the Academy program, so it's a family affair at ORC. Her opinion: "Freedom 55 is not in my future so I had better keep investing in myself at ORC so I'm in for the long run!"


ters Closed/Open Championships, two US Open Mas- ters Champions (finalist in 2010 and 2008) and the 2010


ike Bertin is literally a Master at Squash. At 56, he's won the over 20 Squash Ontario Mas-

xercise has become the Monday through Friday start to her day. An ORC member for 5 years, Jacque-


What defines success? Self-improvement, relationships, finance, education; it’s a personal or professional marker that relates intimately to one’s own ideals. It can be an accomplished goal, a personal journey well travelled, or a deep-rooted belief in the promise of potential. Our successes are as varied as we are. So live and love each moment fully, overcome obstacles with the help of friends and family, and enjoy some inspirational shout outs!


eet Eli Ogilvy. He recently won an U14 National Selections Tournament and has earned a spot on Team Ontario at the Nationals held in Vancouver this spring. Eli

explains, "I started the tournament a bit slowly due to a calf injury, but got better the more I played. I wound up beating the number 1 seed for the win." At age 6, in a rec tennis program, he was asked by a coach to join a small progressive tennis program and the rest as they say is 'his story.' Eli already exudes the mental and physical drive of a champion. Athletes have their heroes. "The people who inspire me at the Club are Andrea Rabzak (my coach) and Gary Muller. They have coaching and playing experience at the highest levels of tennis, and I strive to live up to their standards and play my best possible tennis. Outside the Club, I am inspired by Novak Djokovic because he never gives up on a ball. I also look up to other successful athletes, like Eli Manning and Carey Price. I admire the way these athletes stay calm under pressure and get the job done." Eli's combined trainer/physio program builds his endurance and strength and helps

him reduce injury risk. When asked what he's learned so far on his fitness journey, Eli replied, "in order to be a good athlete, I have to be motivated to work hard; I have to listen to what my coaches and Nicole, my trainer tell me; I have to push myself when I am by myself; some days are good and some days are horrible, but everyday I have to learn something; the better your physical strength is, the better your mental strength will be because your body won't break down at the critical moments." And he advises to STRETCH! This guy 'gets' it. He embraces it! Eli's motivation may be inspired by the mentors that guide him, but his success comes from a place deep within. His desire is palpable; his spirit unstoppable. Eli Ogilvy. Remember his name!

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