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Over the past couple of months, you may have seen me in the locker room, sweated beside me on the treadmill or even helped me out with one of the weight machines in the fitness centre. You may have thought to yourself “Well, this is a new face. Who is she? She certainly needs the exercise! And what on earth is she wearing?” Answers: I’ll never tell; You are so right; and, What? Neon legwarmers are no longer in vogue? Geesh. Okay, so here’s the deal: a short while ago (in Heart Health month, no less) I started on my journey as ORC’s Mystery Mover. Since then, I have been chronicling my transformation from gym-class zero to gym- class hero. I am happy to share a few excerpts from my journal in the hope that it inspires a few others out there like me (or at the very least stirs up a little compassion)!


True Confessions of a Gym-Class

DAY 1 Oh Snap!

Admittedly, that is the first thought that goes through my head when I’m told it’s a go – I am going to willingly submit my saggy self to one year of fitness in the hopes of improving my health. And, I’m going to go public with it! What was I thinking??

Second thought?

going to have to buy a sports bra! I don’t even know where one goes to do that. I mean, I do exercise; I go on long walks with the kids, I ski with them and play mini-sticks. I even do yoga once a week. But I suspect getting my chakras aligned has not resulted in the kind of jiggling I will experience over the next 12 months. This is going to be a year with a lot of firsts!

DAY 3 I’m Going On a Bra Hunt

I approached Private Moments on Lakeshore Rd. in Port Credit with more than a little ap- prehension.

Quickly, Mother-hen Marion put me at ease and showed me all her treasures. Do I’m

you know that they actually have bra bags? Little sequined suitcases to put push-up bras in when you travel so they don’t get smushed. Brilliant!! I resist the urge though, realizing that I really don’t need anything in the push-up, cleaving enhancing category. I need more in the “push- down, stop boobs from bouncing up and hitting my chin when I run” category. Too bad. 30 min- utes later I leave with a new sports bra and it’s ac- tually sort of great! Fits me well, passes the jiggle

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