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The sport of tennis has featured heavily in Alex’s journey. Thanks to the support of coach Andrea Rabzak (second from left), and her many encouraging tennis playing friends at ORC, Alex was never absent from the courts for long.

The lessons A self-professed control freak,

Alex has learned that there are times to accept help, times to say yes (even when you don’t want to), and times to just take a pill. She has accepted that she is not perfect, and has discovered the merit of stepping beyond her comfort zone.

She has acknowledged the need to prioritize, to say sorry, to be thankful, and to take the time to visit.

She now truly understands the importance of friends and family, and is grateful that they have been there for her.

And, perhaps most significant, Dr. Alex Ginty has learned to laugh at herself.


Go to that place. . .and savour it Always an avid tennis player, a swimmer and

an athlete, she also delved into physical challeng- es as a means to find strength, success and power. Never afraid to push herself, she continued to go to the gym and the tennis court after her diag- nosis, and whenever her treatment would allow. She carried on hitting with her regular part-

ners (who also became a vital part of her support network); her mind gratefully absorbing that the thrill of physical success—like playing that win- ning shot in tennis, or coming back from be- hind to win the match—was a place she could go back to, and savour, whenever she needed to find a happy, strong, place. Tennis and other

sports became an essential part her recovery as she learned to use her on-court and adrenaline inspired achievements as a “thrill zone of suc- cess” to help her get through pain.

Spreading the word It has been nearly two years since her diagno-

sis. In that short time, Alex has faced the treat- ment and accepted the unavoidable fact that she carries a genetic code for cancer within her physiological makeup. But instead of giving in to life’s curve balls, Alex has learned how to hit them back. Moreover, she has learned that an important part of her journey involves helping others come to grips with theirs.


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