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to be tried


Spring re-awakens— what better time to renew mind, body and soul!


outs, wellness options can be frustrating, reward- ing, overwhelming and exhilarating. The fact that we, as organic beings, can always become stronger, fitter, sharper, smarter and healthier, simply by moving, is reason enough to put a 'spring' in your step. Here are a few tips to renew your workout (and yourself) this spring:


1. LOOK OUTSIDE FOR INSPIRATION. Oppor- tunities for renewal abound.

2. WALK/JOG/RUN. Join a club and set your goal on a 1-5k event. You'll get fit and make some like minded friends. Benefits: any form of weight bearing exercise will build bone density and strengthen aerobic capacity.

3. HIKE A NEW TRAIL THAT BECKONS. Spring is the ideal time to marvel at the magic of nature's rebirth, as well as your own!

4. TAKE YOUR BEST FRIEND WITH YOU; dogs make great workout buddies!

5. RIDE A BIKE. Touring, racing, dirt- even sta- tionary wheels contribute to a great set of your own.

Benefits: Develop cardiovascular, core

and joint strength as well as improve flexibility around those working joints.

6. TRY A NEW FITNESS CLASS OR OUTDOOR BOOT CAMP. Benefits of aerobic exercise: heart health, muscle toning, bone mass, flexibility.

s a personal trainer/fitness specialist, I've been in the wellness industry for nearly three decades and have seen it all. From fad diets to extreme work-


8. WEIGHT TRAIN. Options are endless. From free weights, to cable cages, circuits to kettle bells, building bulk to building endurance, weights deliver results. Benefits: 24/7 metabolic boost! Enhance anaerobic capacity, build mus- cle, bone, and brain power.

9. STRETCH MAJOR MUSCLE GROUPS after your activity or commit to an hour of flexibility exercises to learn proper technique and breath- ing.

Benefits: Lengthen muscles, avoid injury, reduce stress.

10. GET A NUTRITION ANALYSIS. Nutrition is 80% of your success in maintaining weight. Combining food and fitness resources will bring clarity to your new plan and promote greater change.

Remember—just one small change inspires

another. It doesn't matter how you move when you begin a fitness regime. What matters most is that you start. Make sure to get your annual physical and your doctor's ok to proceed. Try an activity you think you might enjoy. After all, any activity is 'fit to be tried!'

Be the Change!

Marika Pedersen, (A.C.E., canfitpro cert. F.S./P.T., Stott Pilates cert. I.M.P./ I.S.P.), has 27 adrenaline charged years in the fitness industry. She’s also a best selling children’s book author,

muralist, and fitness/wellness columnist. Marika bench-presses her laptop to combine her love for words and weights!


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